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February 16, 2007

Friday Recap: Gray Blob Edition

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So, have you bought your The Lisa shirt yet? If not, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Susan has already bought three, plus two mugs, and she’s trying to get me to add messenger bags and men’s boxers to the store so she can scoop those up too. I don’t know what Susan is planning to do with men’s boxers, but you know how she is. [Look, I don’t ask about your hobbies, okay?–Susan] – Um, ew.

I must say, the greatest, most shocking, fascinatingly mesmerizing thing about Graywolf’s The Lisa shirt post is the realization that David Temple has somehow smuggled one of those giant child-eating rabbits into the country!

Seriously though, thanks to everyone who participated (and Nathan for coining the term!). It made for a really funny Thursday. I hear Rand was supposed to be in on the fun but he was too busy with that whole “proposal” thing. Geez, some people and their priorities.

Was I the only one who got excited on Tuesday when I found out YouTube was now streaming episodes of Gumby? I was, wasn’t it? Fine then, don’t come over and watch it with me. I don’t care.

Over at Search Engine Land, Phil Bradley shared his experience trying out the new rage of search engines which claim to be able to determine a song based on your humming. Phil quickly and expertly identified the problem with these engines:

“Of course, the first problem is, ‘what exactly is a hum?’ Is it actually ‘hmmm hmmm hmmm’, or does it include ‘De da de deee dadada da’ as well? Is singing allowed? For someone who likes to know about search syntax, Boolean operators and so on, these are very important questions. “

Good work, Phil!

Google Blogoscoped found a gray blob on Google Maps. What Phillip didn’t realize was the blob was actually one of those fancy optical illusions. Some people may see a blob, others see a diamond sitting on a rectangle, and others see two adjoining profiles of Big Bird. Don’t feel bad about not knowing that though, Phil. I’m practically an expert. Optical illusions were the theme of my third grade science project.

Barry Schwartz points to the coolest quasi-invention of them all – converting your ChapStick into a USB drive. Genius!

Also genius and from Barry — sleep nap pods to help people catch some workday shuteye. With recent reports that midday naps can reduce heart attacks, if your boss doesn’t allow you to install one of these it means he wants you to die. We’d advise you to find new employment.

Try asking Adam Lasnik. He’s awesome at helping people find answers to their questions. Tall people everywhere thank him.

Also awesome? Heather B. Armstrong’s dog Chuck. Can your dog balance a Dora the Explorer doll on his head? We didn’t think so.

Pandia tells us the 5 Things You Have to Search For Before Your Die, which are the meaning of life, love, truth, freedom, and [how to] find yourself. I’m sorry, but if you’re searching for those online, you’re looking in the wrong place and you probably have bigger problems. Just a thought. [Besides, the answer is 42, everyone knows that. –Susan]

I don’t want to start trouble or anything, but Jason Calacanis totally just called Robert Scoble fat. Hee, love it!

Congrats to Matt Cutts who won the UK lottery as soon as he crossed over international lines! Googlers win everything.

Here’s another installment of Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

And because I love each and every one of you (some more than others) here are some fun things to do if you have some spare time this weekend. Here’s looking at you, Susan. [For the last time, working counts as having plans! –Susan] – I’m so sorry your life turned out like this.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Gray Blob Edition”

  1. Rebecca writes:

    You’re a Gumby fan? GUM-BY! And his pony pal Pokey, too! Finally, something 80s-tastic you’re familiar with!

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