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March 16, 2007

Friday Recap 03/16/2007

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We made it to Friday. Huzzah!

Sorry. I had to get that out of my system. It’s been a tough week. But it’s better now.

This probably means I’m mean and vindictive, but I’m still giggling over Barry Schwartz being hit with an electric bill for the last four years. Do you know what that’s called, Barry? That’s called karma. I hope Tamar has a super first day on Monday! [Why are you so bitter, Lisa? Do you need a hug?–Susan] – From Barry, yes. From you, back up freak!

Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden went head-to-head in another edition of Daily Blog Tips’ Blogger Face Off and the stakes were pretty high. The loser had to rename their blog with a title of the winner’s choosing. Search Engine Watch sent me my SES NY Update yesterday and it looks like Rand won.

Heh. Tough break, Lee. Personally, I always thought the Bruce Clay blog was the top Rand blog. I stand corrected.

Seth Godin gave "Nathan" some marketing advice. I tried to listen and learn something, really, I did. But I couldn’t get past the first paragraph. Nathan graduated from Harvard with a degree in physics and he’s applying for marketing jobs? Ha, sucker.

You know what the latest stupid word is? It’s Blooker. Don’t worry; it’s not as dirty as it sounds. A "Blooker" is the award given to the best blog-turned-book. Convert your blog into dead tree format and now you’re a blooker! I know, it’s…mildly retarded, but at least it’s not Blookr. Then I would have had to chunk vomit all over these people’s faces.

If you haven’t caught Matt Inman’s depiction of Social Media Websites in Illustrated Form it’s both mesmerizing and beautiful. Check it out.

I heart the Cre8asite forums, but this week’s discussion on the proper use of smileys in business conversation was hilarious, cause, like, ZOMG, sometimes intelligent people debate really silly things.

There was a White Person Convention earlier this week and it got pretty ugly. That woman in the yellow kills me. [Aw, the one Hispanic lady looks like my grandma. I have to go have a cry now. I miss her.–Susan]

WikiHow dug deep and explained How to Play Drown the Penny. What we need now is a How To Make Friends So You Don’t Spend Your Weekends Playing Drown the Penny article. I know Susan is anxiously waiting for it.

Jeremy Zawodny doesn’t accept calls from people he doesn’t know. And apparently that response catches telemarketers so off-guard they just hang up. Good to know.

A top Indian engineering school declared that prolonged Internet use and blogging makes students reclusive and suicidal and is limiting student use. They’re just figuring that out now? I’ve been sitting in my dark apartment dreaming of a Sonata/Rozerem cocktail for years. Please don’t send the big, scary men.

I’d like to personally thank Phil Lenssen for forever ruining my love of breakfast cereal. Never again will I be able to blissfully enjoy a bowl of Kix at 2A.M. Thanks a lot, Phil.

WmWms instructs us on how to play Monopoly and have it NOT last 5 hours. Where was this guide when I was growing up? I remember losing entire days of my childhood trapped at that damn Monopoly board. Even the most honorable people starting sneaking $500 bills out of the bank once you hit the two hour mark.

Nomadishere hits the nail on the head with their Note To Employers. One of the perks of working at Bruce Clay is that Bruce adheres to all eight of these rules. Plus, we get donuts delivered on Fridays to keep us all appropriately satiated and too fat to leave our desks. Yeah! [Tomorrow we’re going bowling! –Susan] – So psyched!

This is very disturbing. Apparently, it is common for children to grow up thinking that women are impregnated on their wedding day via a seed that is shot out of their new husband’s mouth and planted into her stomach. Um, I think I just threw up a little.

Sucks/Rocks was designed to help you conform in a conformist society. Now if you don’t know if something sucks or rocks, instead of judging it for yourself, these folks are on hand to tell you. I know it’s accurate because it rates me at a 9 out of 10, whereas Susan rates a mere 8.4. Ooo, who’s leading the Tech Writing department now? [That would still be me. Get back to work.–Susan]

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

Finally, I’d like to officially welcome Andy Beal back from vacation. You remember Andy, right? He’s that guy who writes over at Jordan McCollum’s blog.

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3 responses to “Friday Recap 03/16/2007”

  1. Lisa writes:

    Shh, Kim, don’t tell people it’s not Bruce writing the Recap. It’s way funnier to read it thinking it’s Bruce shouting “huzzah” and giggling at his own jokes. :)

  2. Kim Krause Berg writes:

    This is the second time someone has called Lisa, “Bruce” (that I’ve caught). She doesn’t look anything like him!
    smiley smiley smiley and a few shock emoticons too
    (We heart you too, Lisa, at Cre8asiteforms.)

  3. Daniel writes:

    Bruce, nice one, I love Top Rand Blog haha!

    Thanks for picking this up.

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