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April 6, 2007

Friday Recap: Alien Attack Edition

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I’m blogging super stealth today. The Easter Bunny visited the Bruce Clay kids early this year and handed out toys, including mini disc launchers. As you’d imagine, they’ve caused quite a stir. I’ve already taken one to the eye. Don’t worry though; a blogger doesn’t really need eyes. It’s the fingers that have to be insured.

Discs to the face aside, I’m kind of sad and grumpy today. [She needs a hug. Give her one at SES! -Susan] Here’s a rainbow to make us all feel a little better.

Major props to Max Kalehoff for penning 21 Practical Applications For Your Extra Conference Tote just in time for SES NY (We’ll be there, you know). Personally, I always “accidentally” leave mine in the hotel room. I know; I’m a horrible person, but I’m a horrible person who doesn’t have to carry a tote bag on the plane.

I’ve never had an overwhelming desire to move to Utah. I mean, I’ve lived in New York, Boston and California, what could Utah offer me, right? Wrong. This week I learned lots of fun Utah facts and discovered I could buy a house with a kitchen bigger than my entire apartment for the salary of an ultra-popular blogger. Dude, once I become famous I’m moving to Utah!

Jailed blogger Joshua Wolfe was finally released after spending a much publicized 226 days in jail. What is Joshua looking forward to after his stint in prison? Pizza and beer. Yes; that’s my kind of guy. Call me, Josh!

There’s YouTube for those of us who worship kittens and public burping, and now there’s GodTube for people who worship slightly stranger things. My father is disowning me as we speak.

It seems that though Eric Schmidt only gets a $1 salary, the cost to protect him is more than $532,755. Interesting, considering the cost to make sure Larry Page gets tucked in at night was significantly lower, and no cost was associated with Sergey. He was just issued a slingshot.

The Guardian gave us ten reasons your boss doesn’t like you either. Bruce? That’s not true, right? You like me, don’t you? [sniffles]

Something tells me the Sleep Inn Inn & Suites in Hagerstown, MD isn’t getting the business they were hoping for when they posted that Google Local ad. Just a feeling.

Warning: Aliens are getting ready to attack Nashville, TN. How else would you explain the giant, perfectly symmetrical holes appearing in the sky? Incoming UFOs is the only answer I have.

Not that I would use this but Seth Godin points to the Cap’n Danger Baby Chute and it’s pretty neat. I wonder how high you can throw a baby before this stops becoming a safe device. Like, could you drop your little brother out a 2nd story window? How about 3 stories? Like I said, I mean, I’d never actually do this. I’m just curious for all the people out there that would. (Is 4 stories too high?)

Cambodia is blocking text messages this weekend due to local elections. I bet little Maddox Jolie-Pitt is thanking his lucky golden spoons that he got out of there in time.

Lifehacker was full of helpful tips this week. First I learned How to sew on a button (Don’t judge me. I can operate power tools; it’s the girly stuff that gets me) and how to cure Susan’s annoying and never ending hiccups with sugar. She better hope this works, otherwise she’s getting a flying disc to the face.

I only learned one thing from Boing Boing this week. Did you know CD spindles make an excellent bagel carrying case. Who knew? That’s genius.

To make up for the lack of Boingness this weekend, here are some fun video clips to keep you entertained for at least thirty seconds:

  • If you thought The Exorcist was scary, you haven’t met Burger the demon cat from hell. We can’t see it, but I’m pretty sure Burger melted the bars with his eyes and devoured the camera lady after the video stopped.
  • Three-year-old Kassie tells her mother what she would do if a monster came into their house. Her answer, haircut, Joe Pesci impression, and already-formed New York gangster accent are all equally disturbing.
  • Also disturbing is this video of a Web 2.0 supermarket. However, it’s absurdness and choice of background music left me unable to take my eyes off it.
  • In case your child ever asks, blood is not funny. Not Funny!
  • I know this is wrong and I know we’ve posted similar clips on the blog before, but Marissa Mayer’s nervous laugh still scares me. I wonder if she ever had a cat named Burger.
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One response to “Friday Recap: Alien Attack Edition”

  1. Rebecca Kelley writes:

    I’m iffy with kids (they’re usually tolerable after a certain age), but the girl talking about the monster was pretty funny. Way to make me compassionate towards children, Lisa. I hate you.

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