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July 20, 2007

Friday Recap: Starring Blogs Edition

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Mira, mira, it’s a giant rubber duck! Ze Frank lives! Huzzah.

I’m sorry; I had to get that out of my system. We can move on now.

Proving that girls are just as prone to asinine behavior as males, three teenage girls decided it would be fun to set a kitten on fire. Nice. Kitten Adam was 8 weeks old at the time, received 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 75 percent of his body, and needed to have his tail and the tips of his ears amputated. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to address all the teenagers out there who may be reading this. (Neil, you’re okay, go grab yourself a YooHoo or something). Please stop acting like morons. Don’t set kittens on fire. Go read a book.

Or better yet, go find a teacher. Here’s a great video that shows you what teachers really make these days. Please go watch it, it’s ‘definitely beautiful’.

Big news over in the Sullivan household! Danny tells us that little Daisy Sullivan had puppies and he’s pretending he’s not over the moon excited. Whatever, Danny. We know you’ve been staying up late spooning the babies and talking to them in octaves only dogs can hear. Why lie about it? (I love that a Daggle commenter asks if Danny knows ‘who the father was’. Let’s bring this cause to Maury!)

Over at Google Blogoscoped, Philipp Lenssen finds that some of our favorite search faces are ranking for some, um, interesting queries. Don’t worry, Barry, Yisha never has to know.

TechCrunch covered the launch of a free consumer phone service. It all sounded very cool until I heard who the project’s Creative Director was. It’s Ashton Kutcher. As in the guy who hides behind trees and has zero concept of what an inside voice is. Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

Drewmo wrote an illustrated note to Subway instructing them on the proper way to use isosceles-shaped cheese. Way to protect what’s important.

I may be the only one who finds this amusing, but the state of Massachusetts is considering adding a None of the Above option to the next election ballot. Basically, if voters don’t believe any of the candidates for office are qualified, they can instead select None of the Above. If that option gets the most votes a new election will be held in 60 to 80 days chock full of new candidates. Cool. But what if you do if the guy no one ever elected in the first place is suddenly declared the winner?

I had never heard of LOLcats before Facebook, but now that I have, they seem to be everywhere. This week BlogStorm created a LOLcats SEO edition that’s bound to get at least one chuckle out of you. If only because his fourth creation doesn’t actually use a kitten at all. It uses a bunny.

Never ever, ever buy flip flops at Walmart. The horrid chemical burns you may receive could make your feet fall off. See, Bruce, this is why I go barefoot. [Warning, majorly gross pictures in that link. –Susan]

In a time when customer service is so bad, it’s good to know that hotels in Amsterdam are willing to go above and beyond to make sure that a customer’s lost, erm, ‘belongings’ are safely returned.

I’m not sure exactly where this is but I know that I do not wish to go there. It looks cold.

Did you know you could adopt a Wikipedia user? I had no idea. It’s good to see someone has instituted a program where you can adopt Wiki users and teach them how to use a real encyclopedia. Wait, that’s not what this program does? Never mind then.

24 Hour Fitness was concerned one of their patrons wasn’t getting enough exercise so they locked her in overnight. Way to take matters in your own hands, guys.

Here’s a mini horror movie starring blogs. It’s kind of ridiculous and not at all funny but it’s about blogs so I felt obligated to include it. Look moderately amused, okay?

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

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One response to “Friday Recap: Starring Blogs Edition”

  1. Nathan Weinberg writes:

    Lisa, thanks so much for the video about what teachers make. My wife said it lifted up her spirits (she’s a teacher).

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