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October 5, 2007

Friday Recap 10/05/2007

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It’s Friday again. Hooray!

This week, Kim Krause-Berg posed an important question over at the Cre8asite Forums, asking Should Couples be "friends" on Facebook. The answer is no, they should not, and despite what you heard, I had absolutely no part in why Kim started that thread. Really. I am totally innocent. Leave me alone.

Speaking of Facebook, Go2Web2 discovered that Facebook users can now access their Gmail accounts directly through the site. Okay, but really? Do you feel safe doing that? How much do we really trust Facebook?

Halloween is just around the corner (26 days!). If you’re looking for costume suggestions, may I suggest the white trash wedding dress? Or not. Remember: Bruce Clay, Inc. employees are required to dress up for Halloween, so you can expect some humiliating and demoralizing great and hilarious photos of all your favorite BC employees in just a few weeks. (Susan and I both ordered our costumes today. They’re…special).

While you’re thinking about Halloween costumes, don’t forget about the season’s required pumpkin carving. Why not carve some extreme pumpkins this year? Or at least make some yummy I-want-to-lick-off-all-that-frosting monster Halloween cupcakes!

Not at all related to Halloween, introduced us to the "safe bedside table" which includes a removable leg that acts as a club and a top that doubles as a shield to help sleepers fight off intruders. Or perhaps to just knock their spouse upside the head when they get out of line. Either way, want!

Kalena Jordan wants to know how you handle clients that pay late. We break kneecaps. It’s just our style. [shrug]

Because most of us spend a good chunk of the day seated in front of a computer, here’s some advice on how to keep good posture while you’re slaving away. If you’re curious as to what my posture looks like while I’m doing all my blogging, take a wet noodle and throw it against the wall. Yep, pretty much like that.

Jeremy Zawodny says his eyes are nearly as big as the Web because he’s sporting 36 open tabs. Jeremy, please, I have 36 tabs open in 13 different FireFox windows on a slow day. It’s the only way to surf online!

Mobal Renter says You Know You’re a Geeky Traveler When and informs me that I’m not nearly as geeky of a traveler as I thought. Huzzah! I think.

Don’t mess with hungry kitties. Give them the food and get out of the way. Otherwise you may lose a finger.

Call it tough love, call it hilarious, but either way, clever teachers are now stapling McDonalds applications to the back of failed tests. Hee! They deserve raises, paid in French fries. [Coincidentally, they also give them out with Liberal Arts degrees. –Susan] – Zing! Susan, 1; Liberal Arts majors, -100.

Have you ever noticed that if you remove the voiceovers from The Wonder Years, there’s just a whole bunch of awkward staring?

Did you know that going to Walmart requires you to dress up? I had no idea! All of this time I have been doing it wrong.

I’d also like to say that Decapitated Teddy Bear is the worst USB idea ever. Not funny. Someone needs to adopt that poor bear and reattach his head.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap 10/05/2007”

  1. Bob Weber writes:

    No kidding. The only time I ever close a browser tag is when the machine stops responding. 36 tabs is for kids.

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