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December 14, 2007

Friday Recap: Get Grounded Edition

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Hey, hey!

If you’re following my Twitter feed (and for that, I’m sorry), you may be aware that we had a slight crisis here this morning. Well, I just wanted to let you know that it has been handled. Eventually Susan and I were able to find someone to procure us with some donuts and things were okay again. It was pretty rough for a moment there, though. Susan was beside herself. Here, I shot a video of her. Scary. [That is the second time you’ve used that cat to make a joke about me. Get new material, Barone. –Susan] Yes, but it’s the first time I’ve used it on the blog. The last time it was on Twitter!
First off, some search engine optimization humor courtesy of Richard Ball. Head over to Richard’s site and check out the sweet Meta tags Burger King is touting for their Whopper Freakout campaign. Hot.

GSINC is running a fun charity contest. You vote for the five people you think were the most influential in search this year and the winner receives $500 to donate to the charity of their choosing. Finally, a vanity contest where everyone wins! Go vote and help spread the love. compiled a list of 15 Amazing Women in Blogging. The list includes faces like Gina Trapani, Dooce, Lorelle VanFossen, Liz Strauss, Wendy Piersall, and many more. Check it out.

I’m not sure why this sent me into giggles, but Dave Rohrer felt the need to rant this week about grounding children and how today’s youth will someday regret the mischievous photos and videos they’re uploading onto the Internet. Wow. I never realize how old and cranky Dave was. :)

Here’s some important information for the SEO men and Rae Hoffman to enjoy: A list of where you can go to watch NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games online.

Singing and dancing dimpled 7-year-olds are supposed to be cute, right? So then why is little Anthony terrifying? [Make him stop winking at me! –Susan]

As if surgery wasn’t scary enough, the Consumerist tell us that 1,500 patients have surgical objects accidentally left inside them every year. Fifteen hundred!

Nathan Weinberg opened up his feed reader and found my biggest nightmare. Luckily, it was only a glitch. Otherwise, OMG, feed overload!

I know Matt McGee thinks user-generated content is the best thing since sliced bread for small businesses, but what happens when you allow users to submit reviews and they use that area to write love sonnets about the Bic pen?

Airport security told a nice German man that he couldn’t bring his liter of vodka on the plane with him. What did he do? Oh yeah, he drank it. All of it. He was then rushed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Dude, just get a drink on the plane!

Priced at just $40, can you afford NOT to have the Pedal Exerciser under your desk? I don’t think so. Also, that reminds me: People, please take the time to double check your URLs to make sure you’re not misspelling important keywords. What’s a “pedla”?

In what is probably Wikipedia’s greatest accomplishment ever, a 16-year-old boy used the site to pass through enough security checkpoints to almost get him a personal meeting with President Bush. Unfortunately for him he ended up meeting with the local police instead. You win some, you lose some.

In case you were wondering, it is possible to have too many cats. They’re like giant cockroaches. Oh, and some people have really sick senses of humor. Sounds like something Susan would do. Poor, Tom.

To continue our cat theme, here are some signs you’re having a bad day.

Some lessons learned from watching Judge Judy. I wish I knew about that co-signing a lease thing last year. I’d be a few thousand dollars richer right now!

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

Big Announcement: Matt, are you listening? Due to popular demand, next week’s end of the year Friday Recap will include photos of my Jack Jack and my Swat. It’s taken two years to finally break down Susan, but we’ve done it! Huzzah! [I said one photo, that’s it. –Susan] No way! You said I could display both cats. You never said they had to share a photo.

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5 responses to “Friday Recap: Get Grounded Edition”

  1. Colin McDougall writes:

    Matt – Just went to your blog, haven’t seen a cat photo in a bit…

    The challenge is on. I will have a photo of my cat online before you get a new cat photo up…

  2. Dan Perry writes:

    Hey Lisa,
    Couldn’t find your email address, and I’m fat AND lazy, so I thought I’d send you this via a comment. Way to cool not to share if you’re into the schwag thing, and who isn’t?
    If you’ve already seen it, ignore me like usual.

  3. SB writes:

    In my expert and practiced opinion, a blog without an occasional cat photo is not a serious blog.

    Might as well not have an RSS feed.

  4. Matt Cutts writes:

    Sweeeet! Bring on the two separate photos of Jack Jack and Swat! (Sorry, Susan. :)

  5. Rae writes:

    LMAO, I was actually looking for a place to get em barone, so thanks. Problem is, the sites I find keep getting shut down. I have the NFL season pass at home, but when traveling, I’m sometimes without my beloved bucs and count on the net.

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