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December 21, 2007

Friday Recap: Blogger Bearing Gifts Edition

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Happy, Friday, happy people!

The BC office is abuzz with excitement today. Why? Because Santa came and visited and there were presents to open and delicious treats to enjoy! I knew you guys wouldn’t believe that Santa took time out of his busy schedule to visit us, so I made sure I got some pictures. [Excuse me? Who got pictures? –Susan] Here are a couple. You can see the rest on the Bruce Clay, Inc. Flickr Page.

Barry Schwartz was first to inform me that it was snowing over at Ask. Snow! I heart snow.

NBC5 in Dallas/Fort Worth compiled a list of The Most Annoying Christmas Songs of All Time. Typically I enjoy these sorts of things very much, but what crazy person added Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree to that list? Blasphemy? Not only is that a superb Christmas song, it’s also the best part of Home Alone.

While we’re talking about lists, eMomsAtHome created a list of the 10 Most Influential Dads in the Blogosphere, including familiar faces like Jeremy Schoemaker, Darren Rowse and Scoble. Best of all, the list comes with pictures of babies! Yay for babies.

Another list: 11 “Don’t-Tell-The-Wife” Secrets Men Keep. Number 9 is my favorite.

A big thanks to the always dreamy Pat Sexton who brought the Fish ‘n Flush to my attention. Now when I go to conferences, I’ll just leave the bathroom door open and the kitties will have food for a week!

The BBC reported on a giant rat found in a remote area of New Guinea. According to the article, Uber Rat is five times the size of rats commonly found in most New York apartment buildings. Gross.

WebProNews continued its quest for a Pulitzer with an expose on the methods people use to end relationships. Fifteen percent of people say they’ve had a relationship ended via text message. I suppose that’s better than 4 percent who’ve had their partner mysteriously disappear. People are freaks.

Worst Idea Ever: Having the cops pull people over good drivers and award them with Starbucks gift cards. Also, isn’t that illegal?

Dear Macy’s, people shop online to avoid standing in line and dealing with people. Please get your site fixed. Kthx. Love, the Internets.

Joe Peacock had me in giggles with his story about espresso beans. [I wouldn’t have survived school without chocolate covered espresso beans. –Susan]

Here are some pics of Nintendo NES-influenced weddings. My all time favorite has to be the one with the guy wearing the power glove. That’s just an amazing amount of awesome right there. [I like the ninja attack. Everything is better with ninjas. –Susan]

Yoda pizza is extra delicious, but not as delicious as a bacon flowchart.

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

Programming Note: We’ll be closing down the offices for the next week due to the holidays approaching. Make sure you keep an eye on the blog next week for our Ultimate Search Conference series. It’s going to be a blast! And if you need me, too bad. I’ll be in New York. Huzzah!

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One response to “Friday Recap: Blogger Bearing Gifts Edition”

  1. Wendy Piersall writes:

    ROFL = “Yay for babies” :D

    Thanks for the mention!

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