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January 11, 2008

Friday Recap: Congrats Jeremy Z

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Hi, friends. I learned a new term this week. It’s called Porky Pigging. I’d like to thank CrunchGear’s John Biggs for bringing it to my attention via his awesome commentary on the Gizmodo douchebag situation. I feel enlightened in so many ways.

Before I get too carried away in my own craziness, we want to send over big congratulations to Jeremy Zawodny and his new bride. The couple was married in Zanzibar on January 8th. Congrats!

Facebook founder and holder of $15 million Mark Zuckerberg told CBS that he hasn’t let fame and fortune go to his head and it still living modestly. Actually, what Mark actually said was, "I have a little, like, one-bedroom apartment with a mattress on the floor. That’s where I live." Aw, it’s like he’s 23 or something.

One alarmingly scary man proves that even if you hate everything, no one hates hula hoops. So true. That may be my new favorite picture ever.

No wait. This is my favorite picture ever. [I like this one better. –Susan]

If it’s cold where you live, come take a look at this 4 week old polar bear cub. It will warm you from the inside out. If that doesn’t work, try this video featuring a kitten, ferrets and a paper bag.

Valleywag reported that an Australian cafĂ© has banned all talk of Facebook inside its walls. Hearing that, Susan invented a new office rule that forbids any of my coworkers from addressing me or acknowledging my presence in any way. She’s still bitter than I have more space in the office than she does. I’m so unloved.

And I’m feeling both unloved and broken after the news that Curt Schilling will leave the Red Sox after this season to oversee the development of a new video game tentatively called Copernicus. I’m sorry, the Sox are losing their all-star pitcher for a role playing game? Those damn geeks ruin everything.

Joe Peacock instructed all of us on how to actually win a fist fight. I’m going to study it this weekend and start grappling with Susan on Monday. [In the meantime, I’m going to learn self-defense with a cane. –Susan]

If you’ve ever been a kid in a grocery story or the parent of a kid in a grocery store, Dawn’s Adventures in Grocery Shopping will send giggle tears streaming down your face. I know it’s from August but it’s new to me. And again, crazy giggle tears.

Passengers on a United Airlines flight headed from Washington D.C. to Beijing got a bit of a surprise when they found live and dead mice in their pillows. Mice! Alive ones running around the plane and dead ones giving them the evil eye! It’s like the most horrifying thing ever. I bet New Line is already scurrying to make a movie about it.

A new study found that naps improve memory and learning. Ah. That must be why Susan crawls under her desk at 3:10pm every afternoon. I get it now.

One creative 10-year-old glued his hand to his bedpost because he didn’t want to go back to school after Christmas break. His ingenuity paid off when he got to stay home and watch cartoons as the paramedics freed his hand. Monday, I will glue Susan to my car and then spend the entire work day "trying to free her." [If the newsletter doesn’t get done, it’s Lisa’s fault. –Susan] You mean the SEO Newsletter that everyone will have in their inboxes on Tuesday? (Subscribe now!)

In case you were wondering, in the battle of the Jeep vs the tree, the tree wins every time.

Consumerist alerts that almost half of doctors admit to have prescribing placebos just to shut you up. So, next time you’re not feeling so great, try swallowing a handful of jellybeans and see how you feel in 234 hours. Just be careful not to choke.

Should I ever get married, I am going to have my wedding cake be a giant replica of me! It’s going to be delicious and terrifying, just like marriage!

Finally, the Japanese do something that makes sense, offering "family allowances" to pet owners. You think Bruce should pay me a small amount each month for taking care of Swat and Jack Jack, right?

Oh, in case you were wondering, it takes approximately 7 hours and 51 minutes to get from here to there. (via Google Blogoscoped)

And finally, octopuses heart Mr Potato Head. Who knew?

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Congrats Jeremy Z”

  1. Jane writes:

    1) Good, another Australian cafe on the list of “Australian cafes that I’ll never visit.” It would, however, be fun to go there with friends and write wall posts to each other via Facebook Mobile.

    2) That looks like my Jeep, but mine is silver and doesn’t have a tree stuck through it. Still, it’s scary.

    3) The pig photos were funnier on Facebook when the pig was tagged with a certain other SEO’s name! I love you, Rae!

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