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January 18, 2008

Friday Recap: Lisa Hates Soup Edition

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Hi, friends. It’s Friday again. Yey for Fridays. And weekends. And chocolate donuts. And the New England Patriots. Oh and maybe for sugar highs too.
My BFF Tamar seems to think American Idol contestant wannabe Ben Haar looks and sounds like Rand Fishkin. Perhaps there’s a very slight physical resemblance, but I’m not nearly as convinced (or amused) as she is. What say you?

Joe Peacock gives us an update on Highway Star, the kitten he rescued last week. Seems she’s a feisty little thing that enjoys Rock Band. You should adopt her. She’s adorable and I’ve already taken in two misfits. If I adopt any more cats people are going to start talking. [What do you mean “start”? –Susan] Shut it, Esparza.

WikiHow shows us how to calculate your age by chocolate. I attempted to figure out mine but there was far too much math involved. Numbers confuse me.

The Consumerist finally gave me an answer to Susan’s "what do you have against soup?" question. I don’t know, maybe that Health Valley puts dead bugs in theirs! Mmm, protein.

No doubt my favorite photo of the week: Is it a kitty, a monkey, a dog or a bear? And if it’s a dog, why is that woman holding it like that? Does everyone hold their dog like stuffed animals?

To follow up last week’s deer playing in a swing set video, here’s a wild fox playing on a trampoline. So sweet! Who wants wild fox cuddles? I do!

And in more wild animal fun, here are some photos and audio of a bear on a bridge. Oh, and proof that the aliens are coming and taking the sea creatures first.

Oomsa introduces us to one useless cat. Please, at least that cat is interacting with the intruder. My cats would be under the bed whining that there was a stranger present and it was looking at them. They’re defective.

Also from Oomsa, a whole new way to feed your chocolate fix. Personally, I prefer my chocolate dark and without needles. [Word. –Susan]

The evolution of a relationship as seen via Facebook. I guess it depends on your feelings toward Jim whether or not that makes you sad. He’s back on the market, ladies!

Hitwise reports what I’ve known in my heart for the past two weeks: American Gladiators is awesome! The data shows that the name of the show was the fastest moving search term for the week ending 1/12/08. Take that, brother!

A symbol of faith or not, let’s hope this church isn’t located in Southern California. Why do people insist on buildings and homes at the base of mountains? Does this seem smart to anyone?

Plaza Rugs shares a collection of amazing alarm clocks, including a fabric alarm clock, a puzzle clock that you have to put together to turn off, a handle clock that helps you visualize how much sleeping time you have left, and an alarm clock that gives your money away to a charity you hate if you keep snoozing. They’re all pretty awesome.

Copyblogger says if you want to be a more productive writer you should have a baby. Say what? That seems like overkill to me. Just go eat a donut. It works for the Bruce Clay writers and results in far less stretch marks.

Lastly, to get yourself in the mood for the Patriot upcoming slaughter of the San Diego Chargers, head over to Tom Brady Secrets. Thanks for the link, Hooley. [I know nothing about football, I only know that the Chargers have the greatest theme song in sports and for that alone, I hope they win. –Susan]

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

[My apologies if the Recap seems a bit sparse this week. IT took possession of my computer last night and killed all my saved tabs when they switched me over to a brand new laptop. Not that I’m blaming them. I would never blame IT. I love IT. Our IT department is amazing. Hi boys!]

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Lisa Hates Soup Edition”

  1. Lisa writes:

    Rand, Tamar is lying. I did not agree and told her so many times. Clearly she does not hold you in the same esteem that I do. :)

  2. Tamar Weinberg writes:

    Rand, if you got the email I sent you, I said that he looked like your long lost brother… not your identical twin! :P
    But yes, he really looks like you. In fact, all the people who were watching American Idol and were on Twitter that night seemed to have agreed. ;)

  3. randfish writes:

    Lisa – wow… I never knew people thought I was that overweight. I’m going to go cry myself to sleep tonight on an empty stomach, and probably continue to do so for the next 3 months.

    sniff. sniff…

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