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February 8, 2008

Friday Recap: Disarming Edition

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Happy Friday, everyone. There’s only three days left to enter the SEO Charity contest. Get to it, my friends.

You know what I learned last night? It seems my right arm is way famous. Check it out on Matt Cutts’ Wikipedia page. Oh yeah, baby, who’s an A-lister now?

If you’re looking for some quick cash, head over to Craigslist. Apparently you can score a “silent assassin” position and make a cool $5,000. That’s worth it, right? If not, you can just become a professional interviewee instead. I think that one is actually way more attractive.

Jennifer Laycock keeps us abreast of her SEOs Fight Fat progress and explains how she found her new yoga partner. Yey for babies.

Google Blogoscoped shared a gallery of Blogger’s past, as in Google’s Blogger, not a representative look at bloggers over the years. That would probably be sad, and fat. It looks like 2000 was totally the best year for Blogger. It’s also the year I graduated high school, not that you care.

Microsoft Watch offered up The Real Reasons Microsoft Wants to Buy Yahoo. I think Microsoft execs getting confused and thinking they were bidding on Yoo-Hoo is a total possibility.

Tamar Weinberg blogged about how using Zicam stripped away her taste buds. As long as it didn’t take away her schwag, I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Keeping with the subject of reputation management, Simon Heseltine wrote about how companies . Or something. I got distracted when he started using IHOP as an example. Mmm, pancakes. [Free Pancake Day is next week! –Susan]

CramerSweeney put together a little game to test your search marketing IQ. There are 20 questions quizzing you on everything from icon identification to audible recognition. It’s pretty neat. I only missed one and that’s because I didn’t read the question. Damn my tendency to rush ahead. shows what banner ads would look like if they were forced to be truthful. And Cracked is right, it’s time to let go of that high school flame, my friend. That girl who blew you off when you were 18 and still 4’11 will still blow you off even though you’re now 39 and 4’11.5. Just move on. You’re why they invented online dating and WoW.

A very timely piece from The Consumerist tells me A Woman Threatens To Sue Salon Over Horrible Haircut. Wait, you can do that? Because just last weekend 6 inches or so of beautiful hair were viciously removed from my head without my permission. I’m totally suing.

Also from The Consumerist, a woman says her NY cabbie punched her in the face when she tried to pay with a credit card (cabbies are hardcore) and the most accurate press release ever published.

Look, it’s a turtle-sized raspberry! I mean, a raspberry-sized turtle. A turtle that actually is a raspberry? I don’t know.

Earlier in the week, Jennifer Laycock discovered that is selling a cardboard cutout of The Lisa circa 1991. Seriously, that girl on the left could be my twin sister.

PlanetGreen helps you find 14 uses for orphan socks. They offer up suggestions like making puppets, creating an instant ice pack, or handing them to your puppy as a chew toy. Hmm, are these really new uses? Why not just make 7 new pairs of socks?

Valentines Day is just 6 days away and Neatorama points to some awesome Woot Valentines cards that come in two flavors, sweet and sour. Obviously the sour ones are the best.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m off to San Diego. Pray I don’t drive my car off a freeway. Thanks!

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