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March 14, 2008

Friday Recap 03/14/2008

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Hi, people. It’s Friday Recap time. I’m not promising anything; I’m exhausted. It might be because it’s SEO Newsletter day. You should reward my efforts by reading it. This time around you can learn all about beginner Web analytics and SEO training opportunities. Fun stuff, right?

Okay, okay, onto the Recap…

First, we’d like to pay tribute to Susan’s baby who was cruelly massacred yesterday on her quest to acquire some delicious frozen yogurt.

Aw, poor thing. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though. She gets to drive my little Aveo all next week while I’m in New York for SES. If she’s lucky, I may even put gas in it for her. I know! [I’m taking suggestions on what car I should buy after my car gets fixed or scrapped. Give me your arguments in the comments. Notice that the current one is a Corolla, so no Audi suggestions, please. –Susan]

Barry Schwartz explains why he’s not looking forward to SES NY. I feel your pain, Barry, but really, suck it up. No one goes to your blog to hear you complain. That’s why they come here.

While we’re talking about SES NY, I’d stay away from the Social Search: The Next Step panel. Apparently they’re banning livebloggers, cell phones, cameras and your ability to Twitter. That’s…friendly. [You’re also not allowed to look directly at the panelists or repeat or use anything that you hear. Big Brother is watching you. –Susan]

Keeping with our conference theme, Todd Malicoat came out of his cave and actually updated his blog with a post entitled 15 Ways to Be a SEO Conference Douchebag. I would like to express how on point he is with number nine. Please don’t follow girls into the elevator and then stalk out their rooms. It freaks them out. And by "them", I mean "me".

Also, check out Mike McDonald’s SES New York 2008 video. Just when you think Mike can’t get any funnier with these videos…

I’ve been a little mouthy on Twitter lately, which Michael VanDeMar felt the need to document. In my defense, I was totally right. It is only old people who use MapQuest and Rae Hoffman is old.

The award for the best hyperbolic headline goes to ReadWriteWeb for their post entitled The Internet Will End in 30 Years. Don’t worry, after that time Al Gore will reinvent something else for us to play with. And Bruce will update his "we’ve been doing SEO since Al Gore invented the Internet" joke. [We miss you, Bruce!]

Earlier this week, our friend Mike Grehan announced he was "totally excited" to join Acronym Media. Totally excited, Mike? We’ve got to cut down your time with The Lisa. You’re starting to speak like me. ;)

Technosailor came up with a fun self importance test. Apparently, my head is as big as Jason Calacanis’. Super.

Speaking of Jason Calacanis, he offered up a sweet Dave Naylor impression during Monday’s The Daily SearchCast. Give it a listen.

Proof that you can blog about anything, is looking for a tomato blogger. If anyone is looking for a cookie blogger, you know how to contact me. [I’ll blog about pancakes! –Susan] – No way, I call that one. And puppies. I want to blog about cookies, pancakes and puppies. Um, and SEO too, I guess.

Speaking of food, GSINC gave us What Food and Drink Do SEOs love. PageRank has never looked so delicious. I wonder if that’s a dark PR Bar?

Michael Mistretta shows us how to use Craigslist to get lunch delivered to your apartment.

And I know people love bacon, but bacon-woven sandwiches seem a bit extreme, don’t you think? [No. –Susan]

Note to self: Don’t put a $12,000 engagement ring inside a helium balloon and then accidentally let go. You will lose said ring, and very possibly the girl as well.

If you haven’t been following the RateMyCop saga, you may want to update yourself. It’s kind of interesting how law enforcement can "out" others on the Web but the public isn’t allowed to rate their experiences with some of our city’s supposed finest.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

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5 responses to “Friday Recap 03/14/2008”

  1. Arnie writes:

    Ooops — I mean Lisa – you do well when exhausted — I do not. :-)

  2. Arnie writes:

    If it’s a HUMMER, then is really should be this one! Pretty cool. Bruce – didn’t know you were so funny. You do well when exhausted.

  3. Barry Schwartz writes:


  4. Mom writes:

    A HUMMER!!!
    [AN: First of all, mom, no. Second, you have to put 7 in the spam challenge box. –Susan]

  5. Matt Cutts writes:

    Ouch. Sorry to hear about your car, Susan. We had a Honda Civic that was great. Very dependable and reliable for years and years.

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