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March 28, 2008

Friday Recap 03/28/2008

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Hey, hey, Emo Kids. It’s Friday. And there are donuts in the office thanks to my sweet delegating skills. And Susan isn’t here (again. Does she ever come to work?). Life is pretty good.

Well, pretty good considering I have a mental disease. I know, I was shocked too, but according to The Guardian, Internet addiction is a clinical disorder. Darn. I wonder if I can collect money for that. Or get free Wifi?

First things first, some rumors and announcements: Barry Schwartz did NOT join Search Engine Journal. Even if Search Engine Watch reported it. Also, Barry Schwartz is NOT Ann Smarty. They are, in fact, two different people. And genders. SEO is confusing.

The next major announcement: The Internet is dead. Mark Cuban said so. It’s time for all of us to find new careers.

I’m feeling a little feisty today and, if his Debauchery, Douchebaggary & Drunkenness: Being a Twit post is any indication, so is Aaron. Aaron’s blog is awesome all week long, but it’s always especially juicy on Fridays. Kind of like ours!

Danny Sullivan tells us Virgin Atlantic Sucks and then updates us on how his move back to Southern California is shaping up. Just don’t ask what happened to the dogs. Sad times. I wonder if that works with cats, too?

A reader sent me this cartoon depicting the sad death of a Digg comments thread. Heh.

We may not see a mobile Web explosion this year but apparently mobile phones that feel like skin are all the rage. And gross. Totally, totally gross.

Google Blogoscoped reported that Google will extend the search box if you start entering in long, rambling queries. Wow. Earth shattering, eh?

Note: When filling out bug reports, be as specific as possible. About the bug, not which room of your house you’re in.

Matt Cutts has officially lost his mind and is now blogging about daffodils and hidden caves. Personally, I think he dreamt it all.

Joe the Peacock lets us all in on a little secret: Facebook hates you. Aw. I thought we were buddies. :(

StartUp Earth informs us that is going after, an open source Question & Answer based service, for using the word "ask" in its name. Oh please, leave them alone, Ask. Maybe they’ll actually do something with the name.

Neil Patel shares how he got his start into search marketing. Basically it involves him selling pirated CDs as a wee lad and cleaning up vomit. Sexy.

Andrew G. R. gives us the scary news that more and more people are creating blogs for their pets. Oh heavens. If I ever start a Jack Jack blog, please send someone to come get me and lock me in a closet. Life’s just not worth living.

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week

That’s it! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to take time for dessert. And if you find yourself with some extra time, join the SEO Standards debate going on over here on the blog and on Sphinn. We’re hearing some great responses.

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3 responses to “Friday Recap 03/28/2008”

  1. Greyer writes:

    Great post as ever Lisa. Only one remark: shouldn’t “Debauchery, Douchebaggary & Drunkenness: Being a Twit” link go to Aaron’s blog?

  2. Scott Fillmer writes:

    Nice list, thanks for the post. I just love the one with Cuban saying that the Internet is dead, a real work of art.

  3. Matt Cutts writes:

    I have the photos to prove I saw daffodils. :)

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