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April 18, 2008

Friday Recap: Busy Times Edition

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Ready to Friday Recap? Heck yeah, you are!

It’s been a busy week around here. We sent Susan up to San Francisco to liveblog 16 sessions, Bruce moderated Ad:Tech’s Tactical SEO Workshop, and Virginia and I were working like mad back home trying to keep the Writing department afloat while we launched our brand new radio show. And the crazy just won’t stop!

Next week I’ll be heading down to Long Beach, CA for SMX Social Media Marketing, which means there’s even more liveblogging for you to look forward to. Make sure to tune in for that and if you haven’t yet registered for SMX, there’s no time like the present. If you’re going to be in town, make sure to leave a comment and let me know! I’m traveling sans Bruce Clay family members this time. [We’re giving her an ID bracelet. If she gets lost, she knows she’s supposed to go to the closest adult she can trust and have them help her get home. –Susan] I also get a whistle in case of danger and a bright orange vest to wear at night!

Actually, things are so busy I shouldn’t even waste time telling you about it all. That’s what Twitter’s for, right?

Okay, now on to things.

Stefan Juhl wrote about how to rank #1 on Google image search. Even better than the post is the fun little cartoon figure he has there sitting up on his header. I think the Bruce Clay blog needs one of those. I’d look cute in miniature. Don’t you agree?

Danny Sullivan asked his Twitter followers how much they paid for their school lunch. I think everyone who answered is lying. Do people really remember that stuff? I don’t remember lunch yesterday let alone how much I paid for it…eight years ago. Ouch. I graduated HS eight years ago? I suddenly feel pre-historic. Thanks, Danny.

With Susan gone all week I’ve had some extra time on my hands. To fill it, I went digging into the past of Michael Gray and found a love letter he wrote to his high school girlfriend. What? You can’t prove he didn’t write that. It sounds like him to me.

Jason Theodor created a twitter tweet sheet. Careful when you’re using some of those shortcuts, though. You don’t want to use the Direct Message shortcut and then accidentally shout out private messages to everyone following you. That could be disastrous.

Search Engine Journal let us in on the secret that we’ll soon be able to play Where’s Waldo in Google Earth. Oh good. The lack of Waldo in Google Earth had always been a major flaw of the system. Wait, what?

Matt Cutts has asked people not to send him giantly delicious looking No Spam cookies because he just can’t accept them. Because I am a true friend and a supporter of this industry, I have decided to help Matt with his burden. From now on, please send me Matt’s cookies and presents. You can find the address on the About Us page. Thank you.

There’s a new game spreading across the Interwebz. It’s called Googolopoly. It’s kind of lame but it’s related to the Google so we’ll link to it anyway. Knock yourselves out.

In non search-related Recap goodness, a couple of monkeys took a kitty hostage and tried to force feed it a banana. Sadly, my monitor is now broken in all the places I tried to reach through the screen and grab it. The kitty. Not the banana. I don’t really like bananas. Or kitties, actually.

The Guardian went deep undercover to find that women are 4 times as likely as men to give passwords for chocolate. Yeah, I probably could have told you that. [Where do I sign up for getting chocolate? –Susan]

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

Oh, and Mr. Lander, we hope your arm gets better. Ouch.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Busy Times Edition”

  1. TheMadhat writes:

    Pffft. Now I have to watch twitter, look at old people, watch monkey’s and cats…and start handing out chocolate to the bank tellers.

    See you next week :)

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