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May 2, 2008

Friday Recap 05/02/2008

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It’s Friday. I’m trying to fake excitement but even the donut-induced sugar high isn’t helping me today. I wonder if that means I need more donuts? Mmm, donuts.

Jennifer Slegg asks is blogging running your life instead of you running your blog. The answer is, yes, Jennifer. Yes, it is.

Also, Chris Garrett wants to know if bloggers are opinionated. Yes, Chris. Yes, they are. Hee.

McSweeney’s published an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg…from a New Yorker Magazine Fact Checker, which illustrates one person’s rage over the misspellings, blatant lies, and other debauchery contained in many users’ Facebook profiles. We hear you, Streeter, we hear you.

Matt McGee, who was once trying to become last person on Twitter, has finally succumbed to its allures. Well, sort of. Matt and Jeff Quipp have gone head-to-head to see who can reach 500 followers first. The winner will get $500 donated to the charity of their choice. Join in the fun by following one (or both!) while helping a good cause in the process.

Twitter (and Rae Hoffman) helped me find this condensed video of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. [It’s not the confined space, it’s the lack of Internet access that would kill me. –Susan] Twitter also helped Chris Winfield write his most recent Search Engine Land column. What can’t Twitter do>?

Red vs. Blue explains the difference between the Internet and real life, while Idiots of Ants shows us what Facebook in reality would be like.

Dave Utter writes that Danny Sullivan Downgrades To Irrelevance. Silly, Dave. Danny didn’t do that. Barry Diller did back in March. Remember? [It’s funny cuz it’s true! –Susan]

Barry Schwartz helps the industry coin more ridiculous words with this post Buying 70,000 Links From Same Site Equated to “SEOcide”. It could be worse. He could be writing about going to the bathroom in the dark. Again. Oh, Barry.

In case you’re hard up for things to do this weekend, here’s some video of the world’s craziest rollercoasters . Just a tip, don’t watch those videos after a large meal unless you want to relive it. The meal, that is. Or, if that’s not good enough, reminisce over the 31 TV shows you loved and lost.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

And to end this Recap on a completely ridiculous note, say hello to Emo Lincoln. I know, but I couldn’t stop giggling.

See everyone next week, live from eMetrics!

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