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May 9, 2008

Friday Recap: Video Game Gadget Edition

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Hey, Friends. I hope everyone had a fantastic week. But, in case your week was like mine, I offer up Performancing’s Bloggers: What Do You Do to Relax? Also, feel free to share your own ways of relaxing in the comments. My goal for this weekend is to get my heart to stop racing before I collapse. Huzzah!

Speaking of Performancing, James Mowry woke up to find that he had 11,072 unread items in his feed reader. Just thinking about that raised my heart rate to an unhealthy level. I’m so going to die.

You know what’s not going to die? SEO! Michael Gray issued the best rebuttal to Shoemoney’s recent the-sky-is-falling post with Yes Shoemoney SEO Does Have a Future. Read Michael’s post and I guarantee you that by the end you will have climbed right atop his soapbox with him.

Earlier this week, celebrated Cinco de Mayo by showing everyone how absolutely irrelevant and ridiculous they’ve become. The shame of that company saddens me.

Have you ever wanted to see what Robert Scoble would look in an Ansel Adams photograph? No? Well, let him recreate it for you anyway.

The Consumerist compiled the Top 5 Guerilla Marketing Mishaps. I’d like to add’s Information Revolution campaign in the UK to that list. Epic fail.

In Twitter this week we saw TweetShirts, Who Should I Follow, and my favorite, LiveTwittering — a brand new way to livetweet conference sessions. Livetweeting is the new liveblogging, you know?

Keeping with the Twitter theme, I’d like to award JetBlue with the Best Tweet Of The Week:

Their award? I’ll be more likely to fly JetBlue in the future because I know they get “it”.

David Mihm posted a great interview with Matt McGee. They dish about search, life after Marchex, photography and how he manages to squeeze 35 hours of work into a 24 hour day. Matt McGee is one of my favorites.

As hard times approach, Code on the Road offers up the one thing you absolutely need to do the first day after you’ve been laid off. It’s a great piece, though I’d probably never be gutsy enough to do it.

If you have dreams of attending Search Marketing Expo Advanced in Seattle, the early bird discount ends today, so head on over there. If you’re looking for another reason to attend, Virginia and I will both be there liveblogging! You know you want to hang with us. Okay, maybe you just want a chance to meet Virginia. I don’t blame you. She’s pretty awesome. [*Blush* –Virginia]

In non-search stuffs, Esquire posted The 75 Skills Every Man Should Master and I swooned. If you know a man with half of those skills, please send him my way. I’m willing to provide a headshot and brief bio, if needed.

Eric Lander sent me the Guidelines for Cats. Total giggle fit. In fact, I’m still giggling. It’s so sad how every moment of my life is documented in that one list.

In other news, Gizmodo shows us the redesigned NES and it’s everything you hoped it would be. Sigh.

Things I Learned From Boing Boing This Week:

Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Hopefully you don’t have 17.5 children like this crazy woman does. Holy Jesus.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Video Game Gadget Edition”

  1. James S. Huggins writes:

    Thanks for the reference above to my page on Guidelines for Cats.

    I appreciate it.

    James S. Huggins

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