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July 21, 2006

Friday Recap 07/21/2006

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Jason Calacanis is still throwing a fit about the blogosphere’s reaction to his botched I’ll-Just-Steal-Their-Users proposal. He doesn’t get it. People don’t have a problem with him paying bookmarkers. The problem is instead of doing the legwork himself, he thinks he can just buy Digg’s readership. He doesn’t realize that even if he can lure members away, Netscape will never be Digg. The lured away Digg members will be replaced by other loyal Digg followers and Netscape will still be dead in the water.

Sorry, Jason. If you think paying bookmarkers is the way to go, why not start paying the bookmarkers already using Netscape? Doing it that way may have created the appreciative buzz you were originally going for, instead of the… not-so-positive buzz (and laughter) you got.

Garett Rogers uncovered an odd link at the top right hand side of Google Finance marked “v2 test”. The link directs to: – which appears to be accessible only from inside Google, though you can try it. Is Google testing a “version 2” of Google Finance? And why is there a mention of “scrooge” and a “borg”? Plans for an out-of-this-world, Star Trek-inspired version of "A Christmas Carol" coming this holiday season? Hmm…

Chris Pirillo sat down with Andy Beal in the latest edition of The Chris Pirillo Show to discuss Google’s search space dominance, the story behind the now infamous aspirin, the SEO industry and why Google’s products often don’t live up to their hype. I’m waiting for things to slow down around here before I take a listen, but if you have a free moment, I’d check it out. It’s sure to be worth your time.

In case you were unsure: Google doesn’t let people send viruses. And attempting to send one makes them angry enough to break away from their pastels. Try again and Google will reach through the computer and smack you. Go ahead, try it. Heh, sissy.

A thread over at the SEW forums highlights why you should never make an SEO angry -they can ruin your reputation with one optimized page. Don’t hate, it’s just one of the perks of the job. Don’t you have a check to write?

You may remember there was some talk a few months back debating whether multitasking in SEO was a good thing or a bad thing. If you’re not sure if your tech nerd can also double as your marketing guru, a new checklist by Stuntdubl may have your answer. Sadly, I now officially know I am unequipped to do both. In fact, at first glance I thought Linux Journal said LiveJournal. That’s bad, right? I guess I’ll stick to blogging…

Not enough Barry Schwartz in your life? Check him out at the new Cartoon Barry blog, which he promises will feature a mix of SEO headlines with some personal tidbits thrown in for good measure. So far, Barry has used the new blog to give us a sneak peak at his typical day and to ask people not to park that close [about two inches] to him. Maybe because it’s Friday and I’m slightly tired, but the photo he provides for that last one broke me into giggle fits.

The mystery of Google’s unknown doodler has been revealed. The man responsible for creating the plethora of inspired Google holiday and celebratory logos is webmaster Dennis Hwang. Dennis has been manipulating “Google” into hearts, shamrocks, witches, goblins, soccer balls and other such silliness for six years now. The masses thank you, Dennis.

Phil Lenssen shares a video that leads me to believe Eric Schmidt may have been the “nerd” prototype for the Revenge of the Nerds movies. Oh, heavens. Check out the link to witness Eric in all his nerd glory — big glasses, bad ’80s haircut and bright yellow button-up included. It’s a good thing he’s rich.

Phil also confirms what we already knew – Google is obnoxious.

Nathan Weinberg is missing. I assumed he was just enjoying his honeymoon festivities, but it looks like no one has heard from him in a week and people are starting to worry. His pals at Inside Google have even slapped his picture on a milk carton. Nathan, wherever you are, we hope you’re safe and just having too much fun to call. But do call. People worry.

SEOmoz’s Rebecca shares Ten Ways to Take a Break from Tedious SEO Work. The whole list is enjoyable, but my favorite, and the one that caused me to shoot water all over my desk, is number six.

“6. Wait until your boss is on a conference call, then eat saltine crackers right over his head.”


Lastly, my condolences to Matt Cutts who bravely admitted he traveled to New Jersey recently. He says it was voluntarily, but no one would travel to New Jersey voluntarily (trust me, I’m from Long Island). Well, Matt, we’re glad you’re on your way back. And don’t worry, that smell should only last another week or so.

P.S. – if you liked this entry, show your support and buy me this shirt (via Phil). Kidding. Sort of. Well, not really. I’m a Medium.

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