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August 1, 2008

Friday Recap: Earthquake Season

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It’s Friday Recap time.

As most of you probably know, California had a little earthquake this week. I responded just like any normal East Coaster would have – I freaked out like the giant baby I am. And then Susan mocked me. But props to Bed, Bath and Beyond’s attempt to market it. I hope you make lots of money because you’re going to hell.

Mashable gave us 7 ways to get your Mom on Twitter. Fabulous. Who in their right mind wants their mom on Twitter? Isn’t this why the protected feed was invented? My mother does not need to known about the words, activities, and males spoken about in my Twitter feed. Thank you. [This is why I don’t have a Twitter at all. (Hi, Mom!)–Susan] OMG, Liar! Mrs. Esparza, if you’d like the location of your daughter’s Twitter account, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Li Evans is spreading the word about SearchCamp, an unconference which offers small businesses an affordable way to educate themselves about search marketing. And really, with speakers like Mike Grehan, Kevin Ryan, Kim Krause-Berg and Li, can you really afford not to be there?

Matt Cutts posted his schedule for late 2008. It includes all the events you’d expect – SES San Jose, Pub Con, TED – and then we see that Matt will also be attending the presidential inauguration and the inauguration ball. Um, hi, how do I round up that invite? Hey, Matt, do you need a date? I can be pretty.

Also on the Google front, Maile Ohye gave everyone a day in the life of a webmaster support video. Having watched it, I’m now somewhat concerned that all Maile does is sit in meetings all day. Poor girl.

Aaron Wall created a list of his favorite SEO analogies and totally left off my favorite Bruce-ism about how it’s not the job of SEO to put wings on a pig, it’s the job of SEO to genetically reengineer the pig into an eagle. C’mon, it’s a classic!

Barry Schwartz looked at how “cuil” the search engine industry was. Personally, I think that shot of Vanessa Fox is totally cool! She’s always so fashionable.

Darren Rowse is giving a way a free full conference pass to BlogWorldExpo. Check out his site for details on how to nab it for yourself and I’ll see you there.

Lifehacker tries to force a smile out of me with a post about using inbox fuzzies to boost morale. I think I’m going to try out that “yey me” folder. Maybe it’ll help me overcome those days when I want to kick that dog I don’t actually have.

If you’re feeling like you just want to kick the dog, watch Pat Sexton play with his Google App Engine T-shirt. It made me smile. But Pat always makes me smile.

WebProNews says that frequent texting can lead to injury proving that frequent anything will inevitably cause some idiot to get hurt somewhere and cry about it. You can have my Verizon Voyager when you pry it form my cold, dead, carpal-tunneled hands. [Word. –Susan]

Thomas Hawke wrote a great blog entry about the Top 10 Ways To Get Attention on Flickr and then posted it to Flickr. Creativity Win.

Taco Bell is being “helping” people trying to lose weight by offering them free Fresco Crunchy Tacos. I’m sure that will be totally helpful when they pull up to the drive through and decide what they really want is a CrunchWrap Supreme, triple layer nachos and ginormous sugary drink to wash it all down with. Way to go, Taco Bell. [Mmm, nachos. –Susan]

Dave McClure decided to use his blog to sell car. I’m not sure why it caught my entire attention the way it did, but there you have it. Anyone want a 2005 Acura TL? One of my coworkers has a silver 2008 and it’s pretty hot.

In amusing but totally not search-related finds, there’s the dramatic cat, the butterfly that’s a horse, and professional men in short shorts.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week:

Programming Note: Don’t forget — I’ll be taking some vacation time next week and turning the blog over to a selection of my favorite SEO ladies. Try not to fall too much in love with them while I’m gone. And fear not, Susan and Virginia promised me they will band together and summon their inner-Lisas to provide readers with a Friday Recap next week, as well. The Bruce Clay, Inc. blog is going to be smokin’!

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