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August 8, 2008

Friday Recap: Telekinesis Edition

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Welcome back, Olympics! I love the Summer Olympics – the way the world comes together to enjoy the marvelous and varied abilities of the human form. Google and Yahoo have now made it easier than ever for me to follow the Games, with Google serving up news and scores in a convenient little OneBox and Yahoo’s Olympics Shortcuts providing medal counts (which can be filtered by specific sports or countries) along with the latest news of athletes, events and videos. [I’m so over the Olympics already. Except the swimming. Love those swimmers. –Susan]

Another welcome back is called for, as well! This one for our favorite blogger who returned from her cruise last night. Hopefully she’s pleased to see both her cats and the blog are alive and well. However, in response to this:

… I’ve got a better idea for you. [We’re not outsourcing the blog to India. –Susan]

Speaking of Twitter, Sugarrae published an awesome case study of how her company utilized the popular instant micro-blogging platform to get traffic, branding and links for a “non ‘big brand’ commercial website”. It took months of tweaking, but after the trial-and-error she’s seeing great results.

Now, I’ll admit that eight months ago I’d never heard of Twitter. Which apparently is more than this woman can do. Watch out for that RSS – I hear it’s contagious!

The other funny video this week that no weekly Internet round-up would be complete without: Paris Hilton’s campaign video. Brilliant.

Also brilliant? Telekinesis. Yeah, that’s what I said. And now a video game is bringing the sensation of life as Saturn Girl (we can thank Susan for the reference!) to a mind-reading head set near you. [Hey, I offered you several other telekinetic superheroes first! –Susan] But I liked Saturn Girl and her slick space suit best!

If you insist on remaining in the real world and are planning to go to SES San Jose in a couple weeks, may I recommend the social event of the week that will not only give you that warm fuzzy feeling from the open bar but also from the good cause you’ve supported.

And, finally, because nobody should go without those warm fuzzies, see if these items don’t make you want to wretch into your bucket from an overdose of cute. It was only a matter of time before someone proposed via Google Maps. Who doesn’t love a little Web 2.0 romance? Also, scuttling balls of dryer lint are adorable.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

Traveling in style has reached a new peak. Let’s hope Lisa’s accommodations were this nice.
• Some people can literally fall over laughing. Like you’re doing right now because of my riotous Friday Recap.
• Despite our best efforts to systematically erradicate and devastate the natural habitat of Gorillas, we haven’t wiped them out yet!
• When escalators attack, things get ugly.

[This whole recap and no mention of my birthday? Fail, Virginia! Fail! You’re fired as a blogger. Lisa, sorry, you have to come back on Monday. We’ll save you some cake. –Susan] Oh dear, I’m sorry birthday girl. I’m not sure how I could forget, considering that it looks like a piñata and a party store made their love den in our room. Happy Birthday, Susan!

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One response to “Friday Recap: Telekinesis Edition”

  1. Greyer writes:

    Is it just me or the “Google maps” link is broken?

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