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August 29, 2008

Friday Recap: Slingshot Frog Edition

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Oh, thank heavens, it’s Friday. And the Friday before a long weekend. There is a God!

Check it out. Our good friend Adam Audette of LED Digest and Audette Media sent the BC Writer girls some awesome SEO shirts. Aren’t we cute?


Amit Agarwal shared some Windows Live Search Tricks You May Not Know About this week. Did you know you could search for Web sites that offer RSS feeds? I had no idea. Cool stuff.

Jim Kukral is so excited about the upcoming BlogWorldExpo that he wrote a song about it. It’s awesome, assuming you’re not interested in things like tone and proper pitch. Give it a listen as you book your trip to BlogWorld.

The Consumerist is getting me all excited for the holidays letting us know that Costco is already decking the halls. In August. Yey for winter holidays and dreams of snow.

Tamar Weinberg and Barry Schwartz did some crack undercover work to discover that SEOs are afraid of getting their sites penalized in Google. Imagine that! Wow, I bet if Barry and Tamar liquored up some SEOs they’d get them to reveal that they like high rankings and increased traffic too. Way to get out those secrets, guys!

Jennifer Slegg had me giggling with her rendition of Dave Naylor’s SEO Addiction which chronicles what it’s like to be Dave Naylor hours before you’re about to give a presentation, only you’ll be sober when you’re reading it. [My favorite part of her story is the bit about Microsoft Live Search’s slingshot frogs. Hee! –Susan] Those really were awesome. Sadly, mine stopped ribbiting. I need another one!

Speaking of conference antics, apparently there were people protesting link sellers at SES San Jose last week. For serious? If that’s what you’re putting on a sign and speaking out against, I think you need bigger problems.

Bloomberg decided they were tired of talking about Steve Jobs so instead they just ran his obituary and pretended he died. Look for Susan’s obit on Monday with imaginary quotes from all her imaginary friends. [In lieu of flowers, please send cupcakes in a jar. –Susan]

Matt Cutts offered up what I considered the three most important tips for company blogging. Smart stuff. Better to learn it from Matt than on your own the hard way.

Rhea Drysdale used Twitter to show us she works for a super smart company. You see, instead of spending thousands of dollars on crap no one will ever use or wear, Less Everything is handing out cards for a free 30 second piggyback ride. That may just be the greatest schwag ever. Well done, guys!

LiquidLife compare Google and Yahoo’s driving directions to find out which is superior. Yahoo may take the cake for being more, um, “detailed”, but I think Google wins for not causing people to crash their cars while reading lines and lines of the same directions.

Google Blogoscoped asked people to draw the Google home page with their eyes closed and then introduced us to a cat named Google. Cute kitty! I wonder if the kitty has stock options? Or if it gets to eat in the Google cafeteria? Or if it knows Larry and Sergey?

Aaron Sorkin decided he’s had enough of creating respectable programs like The West Wing and will now focus his attention on making the Facebook movie. Wow.

Are you a slimy Internet marketer? If you’re not sure, you should consult Affiliate Drag’s 11 Slimy Internet Marketing Characters list. We promise not to tell anyone.

Things I Learned On BoingBoing This Week.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Slingshot Frog Edition”

  1. Adam Audette writes:

    A trifecta of SEO geek power!! How awesome. Lisa looks like I need to send you a smaller size – they do shrink but don’t know if it’ll be enough? Lemme know.

    You guys rock!

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