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April 8, 2011

Friday Recap: BCI Staff Rules! Edition

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The people that work here at Bruce Clay, Inc. are an awesome lot. We all have a great sense of humor, and there’s not a day that goes by that you don’t hear laughter. This week, I thought we’d take a journey into some of the joy the BCI staff brings to each other.

First and foremost, it was my one-year anniversary here this week, and Susan brought me cake. But not just any cake. It was red velvet cake (my absolute favorite) from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Susan has been talking about this place since I came here, and this week, I discovered why a hole in the middle of a cake is a magical thing (frosting well!).

Red Velvet Happiness

Thank you, Susan!

Our software dev. engineer, Mike, had some splainin’ to do when Susan read that Dr. Pepper trailers full of soda have been missing lately in Texas. See, Mike has this addiction affinity for Dr. Pepper. So, naturally, she turned to him first.

Susan: … What have you done?
Michael: Well you see
Michael: As of several months ago
Michael: Rocket Fizz has not been able to get new shipments of Dublin Dr. Pepper
Michael: Dublin is in Texas, as you know
Michael: I couldn’t wait for them to get a new distribution deal in place
Michael: So I had to take matters into my own hands
Michael: And those of several friends in high places
Susan: And you didn’t SHARE?
Michael: Then I would have been found out!
Susan: Shame on you. Shame!
Michael: Next time I rob a truck of Dr. Pepper, you’ll be the first to know
Michael: I already drank this batch
Susan: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Since Vampire Diaries came back from hiatus last night, Susan tried to catch me up on two seasons before I dove into the back half of season 2 as a newbie. The result? A 45-minute conversation with a hand-drawn family tree. I’m told it’s the Gilbert family. Still so confused. [It’s less complicated than my scribbles make it appear. Honest! –Susan]

Vampire Diaries Diagram

Looks like Twitter staff might be just as cute as BCI staff, with their “welcome back” poster to Jack Dorsey this week. Oh yeah, btw, he’s back as executive chairman. He’s also got another little job on the side called CEO of another company: Square. I think maybe Twitter and Square were having some sort of “welcome” poster rivalry this week, as this picture was posted one day after he returned to Square from Twitter. Hmmm. Either way, the man’s got some kind of stamina.

And now for the antithesis of stamina: an app that reportedly tells you the nutrient content of your food simply by taking a picture of it. Commentary on the post consists of one person conspiring to hide things like chocolate and sausage under a bed of lettuce.

Well, folks, I’m at that age where I officially no longer identify with the younger generation. Just the other day, I found myself thinking, What’s with kids these days? But, I will always be proud of my generation, and all the awesome nostalgic things we can reminisce about. Like VHS tapes and Guns N’ Roses. Speaking of VHS, this person thought of a good way to verify someone’s age.

Apparently, all of Armenia’s Web access is reliant upon one tiny cable that was sliced through by a cute little old lady in Georgia scavenging for copper to sell. The entire country was without Internet access for hours.

I’ll leave you with a heart-warming video of someone who gives me faith in humanity. Thanks for this one, Dad!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: BCI Staff Rules! Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    Oh, it is, my friend.

  2. Adrian @ Search Engine Easy writes:

    That looks like the best cake ever!

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