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April 27, 2007

Friday Recap because I promised.

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Let’s just make a deal right now, you won’t expect this to be as funny as Lisa’s recaps and I won’t pretend that I’m a comedy writer. Deal? Awesome.

Now, let’s get this started with an exciting edition of everyone’s favorite gameshow: Good Matt, Bad Matt.

Good Matt: Telling Amazon to shape up and fix their horrible user interaction practices. I also would like them to link their profiles across their sites. I don’t want email from my account anymore than I want it from my account or my original flavor account. (Yes, I have three Amazon accounts. Don’t judge me.)

Bad Matt: Putting a picture of his other cat on his blog. Now Lisa’s going to whine that I won’t let her put Swat and Jack-Jack on the blog. Again. (Of course it’s really Danny’s fault but who could be mad at the puppy?)

Often I sit and think to myself, “Gee, my wallet is too bulky and non-recyclable”. Thank goodness for paper wallets. I really can’t think of a situation that you’d need a disposable wallet but hey, what do I know?

Phillip has discovered that Barack Obama is like Google. I can only assume that means he’s slowly edging towards evil and will one day own the whole entire world. (Disclaimer: I really have no idea about the presidential candidates and I really don’t care. My politics are largely based on comic books.)

bLaugh has some advice for all those people who want to know if they should get into blogging.

Any Monkey Can Blog

One thing that I noticed while visiting my friend is that the Japanese love tiny cute dogs. Apparently they love them even when they aren’t dogs at all but, in fact, sheep with fancy haircuts. Maybe we can get Bruce to change his “it is not the job of search engine optimization…” saying? I think “it is not the job of search engine optimization to make a sheep into a poodle” has a certain ring to it.

There are those who would say that Google’s SERPs are a joke. This one definitely is.

I’d like to recommend to all those for whom “wireless broadband internet” is a keyword phrase to get on the linkbaiting. You’re getting your butts kicked by an April Fool’s gag.

Lisa would want to link to this, so I’m going to. However, I want it on the record that still moving food is a giant EW. Via BoingBoing–a dinner of still twitching octopus tentacles. Ew.

Okay, I’m done. I promise Lisa will be back on Monday.

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5 responses to “Friday Recap because I promised.”

  1. Lisa writes:

    I’m on it, Bob! :)

  2. Bob Gladstein writes:

    Bad Matt: Putting a picture of his other cat on his blog. Now Lisa’s going to whine that I won’t let her put Swat and Jack-Jack on the blog. Again.

    Lisa is welcome to send me pics of Swat and Jack-Jack to post with the other SEO Cats (and dogs).

  3. Lisa writes:


    Don’t mynd me. I and my not good gramerr will go corner sit.

  4. l'Optimiseur writes:

    I don’t mean to fuel the apparent feud between you two, but in my opinion, Susan’s Recaps are just as good as Lisa’s. If you hadn’t informed me otherwise, I would not have been able to tell that this week’s Recap was from Susan. I take that back… the impeccable grammar would’ve tipped me off.

  5. Lisa writes:

    My job is so safe.

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