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February 11, 2011

Friday Recap: Get Down to Business Edition

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I’m having a hard time concentrating because Susan and I are counting down the minutes before we go to our nearest T-Mobile store to claim our free Android phones for Valentine’s Day. Aww, we <3 you, too, T-Mobile.

My Cat Wears Glasses

First things first, power to the people in Egypt, man. What an awesome display of democracy. President (former president, that is) Hosni Mubarak stepped down today. Reports say this event sparked gestures of democratic reform by Middle Eastern autocratic rulers to stave off Egypt-like protests in their own countries. [Second. Peaceful. Revolution. Of 2011. Guys, please have your minds properly blown by this. –Susan]

Poor MySpace cannot catch a break these days. News Corp. is looking to sell the social entertainment destination merely months after its revamp. We still love you, Tony Adam!

On the same day we talked about SEMPO SEO certification in the Bruce Clay, Inc. blog, the University of California, Irvine Extension announced the launch of the Internet Marketing Certification Program. Hmmm …

Looking for ways to showcase all your SEO achievements? Check out this post on how to write a great SEO case study. I think we all need to get into the habit of documenting our projects in a data-driven, methodical manner, agree?

Bing jumped on the personalized search bandwagon with Google this week, serving up results based on location and past searches. Sorry, people still use Bing?

If you or your clients are having a hard time writing blog posts, maybe these tips on how to produce two to three quality blog posts in one hour a month will help. I happen to think it takes a little more than 20 minutes to create a quality post, but some of the tips get you thinking – and that’s the hardest part sometimes.

Groupon made its commercial debut on Super Bowl and got a ton of flack for being offensive to the charitable causes it’s poking fun at. What Groupon failed to mention loudly enough was that it was matching donations to the nonprofits up to $100,000. Here’s one of its commercials, ha:

[What do you think of the Groupon commercials? Offensive enough that pulling them was a good move or is Lisa Barone right and Groupon’s failed all around? –Susan]

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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Get Down to Business Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    Andy! I was this close to buying one, too. If you have T-Mobile, they may honor it for you. They’re kinda awesome like that.

  2. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Typical. I buy an Android, and suddenly they’re giving them out for free…

  3. Jessica Lee writes:

    Right — so people are really using Google anyway ;). Thanks for reading!

  4. shakeology writes:

    well bing did decide to rip off what google was serving for results as they showed by making random search results and then scraping google and making those results show up as google served them. It was a good read search you will see the honey pot that google setup to frame bing into cloning the random searches.

  5. MicroSourcing writes:

    Yes, people still use Bing. It’s a very small market share, but apparently it sustains their operations.

  6. Jessica Lee writes:

    Hi, Paul. Well, I got skooled. I suppose they’re still there, I guess I just don’t pay attention. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

  7. Paul Yokota writes:

    Yeah, people still use Bing. In fact, it seems more people are using Bing all the time. While it still has only 1/8 of the search market, it grew by 21% in January while Google declined by 2%.

    If you throw in Yahoo, then Bing-powered search accounts for between 1/4 and 1/3 of all search traffic. It’s something we should all definitely keep an eye on, especially with all the free publicity Google’s been giving Bing over the whole “they’re copying us” fiasco.

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