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October 15, 2010

Friday Recap: Cynical Pinnacle Edition

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Susan is on vacation, doing some sort of wine creative writing excursion, and when she comes back, promises to have a hangover new prose and developed imagery skills for all our loyal readers. And since she’s not here, you get an unedited Friday Recap, which means (drumroll): party time – allll riiiight! (Quagmire voice.)

But Susan is here in spirit because she sent me this tidbit Tuesday afternoon about how Tuesday is the most depressing day of the week. And because I believe the word “pessimist” is just a dirty word for “realist,” I nodded my head in agreement. Why must we relive the decline in warm fuzzies every single week as we transition from Monday, when we feel like we can own the world, to Tuesday, when defeat slowly sets in? Americans have been plagued with this phenomenon for some time, as we are reminded by this oldie but goodie news story from The Onion, “It’s only Tuesday.”

Then suddenly, warm fuzzies returned on Wednesday with some great news: They began successfully extracting the miners in Chile who had been underground for a little more than two months. Susan had the live coverage of the rescue on her screen as we were working to put together October’s SEO Newsletter, and decided to begin measuring the day in rescued miners (Makes sense, right?). Here’s the outcome of our scientific data:

Susan Tweet

That last quote, the one about losing the old marbles, yeah that was me.

Let’s switch gears to some industry news. Here’s a quick video of Mark Zuckerberg and cronies talking the Microsoft-Facebook partnership:

Then, Alyssa over at aimClear tells us all how we can spam the snot out of our friends with the introduction of the new Facebook groups.

Check out this history of social media, dating all the way back to when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were “phone phreaking” with some bitchin’ hair and far-out beards. And speaking of social media, a study shows 82 percent of babies are online. That’s right folks, babies do Facebook — whether they like it or not. Is this reminiscent of tobacco companies selling those bubble-gum cigs to the youngins to hook them at an early age? Brilliant.

South Park aired an epic Jersey-bashing extravaganza this week. I think the following Snooki clip speaks to the sheer awesomeness of this one:

And while we’re on the topic of cartoons, The Oatmeal never ceases to brighten my day, no matter what week it is. I have to agree with Matt on this one: If you do this in an e-mail, I hate you (OMG, the e-mail signature one – pure perfection).

And with that, go forth and spread my humor and knowledge to all the land. But don’t be offended if your tweet goes into the deep abyss with nothing more than crickets chirping; talked this week about a study that showed 71 percent of tweets are ignored (sad face).

Have a relaxing weekend, so you can start anew on Monday to conquer the world (followed by a downward spiral into “meh”dom starting Tuesday)!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Cynical Pinnacle Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    Don’t you love those?! Thx for stopping by, Sasha!

  2. sasha writes:

    Haha great video from South Park! And great link to the history of social media! I remember when we had netscape…

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