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March 27, 2009

Friday Recap: Feel Good Edition

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Virginia was gone this week at SES New York. She worked her fingers to the bone liveblogging and you can find all the fruits of her labor all summed up here in our SES NY Liveblog Coverage post.

Want more sessions than that? All right, if you’re going to be greedy then you should head over to Outspoken Media where Lisa snarked her way through 16 sessions: Liveblogging SES New York. From the looks of it, she never stopped for food.

So who won this battle of the bloggers? Numbers wise the title goes to Lisa, who covered one more session than Virginia, but I’m giving the home court advantage to Virginia who missed that one session because she was doing a live show for SEM Synergy. Biased? You’d better believe it.

If that makes you feel inadequate, you could always sign up for the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog challenge. It kicks off on April first (no fooling!) and promises to make you a better blogger. Hmm, it sounds like four days of being excited and 27 days of muttering in annoyance while I delete the email every morning to me. Maybe you’ll have better luck. You can sign-up for the blogger challenge here.

Are you ready for your warm fuzzies?

  • Superheroes rock. Spider-Man saved an autistic child this week and rightly received international acclaim as a result. (Geek note: It’s Spider-Man with a hyphen, Batman without a hyphen and Iron Man is two separate words. You’re welcome.)
  • Also saved? The manatees! Oh so floppy and cute! Some say that manatees inspired the tales of mermaids. [Granted these tales were from sailors who hadn’t seen a woman in ages, so there you go -Katie]
  • Google brought you back in touch with your inner child with their Very Hungry Caterpillar logo. As if that wasn’t great enough, have you heard the inspiring story of author Eric Carle?
  • Your inner child is going to freak: The trailer for Where the Wild Things Are is freaking sweet! Watch it now and remember how awesome being a kid was.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, next week is IM Spring Break in Florida. Christopher Hart and I will be going. So will Pamela Lund and CK Chung who are roadtripping there for charity.

Susan's Google SERP

Twitter wants to get in on the warm fuzzies and help you rank better. Sorry, did I say you? I meant that Twitter wants to rank for your name.

Here’s my SERP on the right; it looks pretty good, don’t you think? –>
When you click through, you can see Search Engine Guide right at the top, then some LinkedIn pages and then…well, well. Check out Twitter at number 4. Where’s the respected and trusted page? Oh, down there at number 8, right above my page on Amazon! (Quick aside: Whee! I have a page on Amazon!) By the way, that’s not my Facebook at number 6. I don’t know that lady but she needs to step off my SERP.

Photo by Wired through dpstyles on Flickr.
Found via Creative Commons

I’ve found my next car. The new Tesla S sedan is a sexy, sleek, electric-running machine. Do want! At $49,000 base price, I should able to afford one in about 2020. Given that they’re only making 60,000 of them each year, that’s probably about then they’ll be available for the likes of me anyway. By then, maybe they’ll only cost the same as my trusty Corolla. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Before we wrap up with our lessons from Boing Boing, I’m throwing in one last tidbit for Virginia who is keeping the newspapers alive with the power of her love: Five ways to save newspapers. I don’t see “hire an awesome in-house SEO guy like Brent D. Payne or Marshall Simmonds” on there, so that’s a free tip number 6. We’re rooting for you, you quaint relics of a bygone age! You can do it!

Things that I’d have learned from Boing Boing this week if I hadn’t been sick for most of it:

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a great weekend!

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: Feel Good Edition”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    Um…look! Over there! [runs]

  2. Lisa Barone writes:

    I’d like a recount. I’m sending Rae to Simi to assist.

  3. James Kim writes:

    Only 145,000 results returned for your SERP? I don’t rank cause there over 20 million for my name. Hate having to share my name with half a million people.

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