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October 8, 2010

Friday Recap – For the Honor of Grayskull Edition

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Hey, everyone, it’s Friday! Also, happy birthday, John Lennon! What’s that you say? You say John Lennon was born on October 9, which is tomorrow? Well no one told Google; they’ve put up their tribute logo to the first dead Beatle today. Clicking on the logo plays a little animated video to the strains of “Imagine.” You can tell I’m a terrible person because I rolled my eyes.

However, I’m not as terrible as this lady who traveled over 200 miles to kill some guy who said mean things about her on the Internet. People, violence is not the answer! It just gets you arrested and made fun of in silly roundup posts in blogs. (Dear Miss Greathouse, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, please don’t come try to kill me.)

Maybe taunting a known crazy isn’t the best way to extend one’s lifespan, but you know what’s even less smart? Throwing yourself out of a plane without a parachute with rockets strapped to your…back? Heels? I can’t tell from what I can see of this video between my fingers.

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

Other dumb things people who should know better have done this week:

  • Facebook “developed” a poor implementation of a feature that Russian-owned, emo-kid site Livejournal (yeah, you had one, don’t lie) has had for years. Well done, Facebook! In Soviet Russia, LJ pwns you.
  • The Gap, where your mom gets her cute khakis, updated their logo. Everyone, and I mean everyone, laughed themselves sick. They did a very bad job of spinning it. For added fun, you can now make your own terrible Gap-style logo.
  • Google killed all usefulness in their Keyword Tool. Because they’re tools.
  • Los Angeles PBS affiliate KCET is dropping their affiliation and moving to independent status. Do you know what this means? No Sesame Street. WHAT?

But everyone knows big businesses are dumb. People, on the other hand, are just awesome. Like Johnny Depp. Jessica’s future husband did that thing celebrities do when they’re feeling like really making someone’s year. When he got a letter from my hero and yours, nine-year-old Beatrice Delap, asking about how to stage a proper mutiny against the teachers of her land-lubbing school, Depp gave the school just 10 minutes notice before showing up as Captain Jack Sparrow.

My other hero this week is former BCIer and Outspoken gal Lisa Barone who liveblogged SMX East to the tune of 15 sessions over three days while battling a cold. And hampered by a hot pink magenta computer. Snazzy look, Lisa.

Saudi Arabia knows how to bring the fashion, too. Mariah Carey is just too racy for their sensibilities so they photoshop clothes onto her album covers and other promotional art, which I think we can all agree is all kinds of an improvement. I kind of love their fashion choices; do you think they shop at the Gap?

From the ridiculous to the sublime, the project of Haltadefinizione is taking ultra-high resolution photographs of famous paintings, meaning that the average Jane can get a view normally reserved to people who have actually earned it through years and years of study and appreciation of the work. And man, these paintings are so worth the extra close look.

Comic-Con 2004 - She-Ra

Nearly as important to my own personal history, two awesome things from the 80s: first – It’s She-Ra’s 25th birthday. What does a quarter-life crisis look like when you’re the princess of power? [Her and Sea Hawk can’t afford that two bedroom, 1.2 bath they have their hearts set on? –Jessica]

Second, Flynn’s Arcade opened this week at Disney’s California Adventure. If you’re not excited about the upcoming Tron: Legacy, we can’t be friends anymore. That’s just how it works.

Finally, I’ll leave you with your useful link for the week: Stop phone book delivery at Yellow Pages Opt Out. Or, you know, don’t. Since Google killed GOOG-411 this week, you might actually have to look something up. (No, I’m just joking, even then these things are beyond obsolete.)

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2 responses to “Friday Recap – For the Honor of Grayskull Edition”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    It’s definitely just as bad as the Tropicana one (but as Consumerist points out, at least they’ve only just announced it, not actually rolled it out and need to recall it.)

  2. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater writes:

    Is the GAP logo as bad as the rebrand of Tropicana?

    (or the dopey Democratic Party toilet logo? :p)

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