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May 8, 2009

Friday Recap: Get Creative Edition

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It’s Friday! I assume everyone has made their plans to go out and get social this weekend. Or maybe your plan is to stay in and get social. Either way! You don’t even need another person in the room with you to have a great convo with a friend. That’s the magic of the Internetz! But with great power comes great responsibility. I learned that from Spiderman so I’m pretty sure it’s true.

Photo by nickolette22 via Creative Commons

For instance, being responsible with social media means setting rules that guide a company’s online escapades. Jennifer Slegg gives us a list of recommendations to help businesses avoid social media sabotage by a rogue employee. Have a contract with your employee that states the company’s ownership of social media accounts. Include company info when registering the account and include the company name in account names if possible. Consider if pseudonyms could work for the situation. And whatever you do, establish guidelines for employees interacting with social media on behalf of the company.

WebProNews reported that a study shows that marketers have a terrible blind spot when it comes to social media metrics. Social media success is usually gauged on the amount of direct traffic brought in. However, according to the study by analytics firm Tealium, “view-through” traffic makes up to 80 percent of social media-driven traffic. Whereas direct traffic is a click performed from a social media channel that gets the user to your page, view-through traffic represents users that get to your page after social media-driven awareness leads to indirect traffic from search or third-party frames, etc. Ignoring view-through traffic means ignoring a large part of traffic associated with social media.

While we’re on the subject of social, the other big news this week is that Twitter is stepping up its search game. There was a lot of excellent coverage of the story and many thoughts about the direction this development will lead, so I’ll just link up to a handy roundup from Who’s Blogging What about how Twitter is building an index through links posted by users.

On the TopRank blog, Lee Odden sorts out when PPC or SEO can most help a PR campaign. While search engine optimization usually gets all the attention, pay per click advertising is a quick way to draw users away from negative search listings. The best long-term results may happen when PR, SEO and PPC tactics are used together.

Image by Jeff Carter/I’m Fantastic via Creative Commons

Researchers at UCSB infiltrated a major botnet to bring awareness to the problem of computer vulnerability. By hijacking the botnet Torpig and its 180,000 machines, researchers witnessed the inner workings of a system which records bank info, credit card details and login credentials and implements spam runs. Researchers hope their report will reduce cultural apathy about computer security.

I have faith that people will learn to be smart about their computers. But knowing the secret to creativity is a much loftier achievement. I’m a Disney devotee over here, so I was pretty moved by this article on the secrets behind Walt Disney’s creativity. Walt’s lessons are ones we can all learn from. Success on the scale of Disney comes from unrestrained dreaming, pragmatic realism and sharp-eyed criticism. Figure out how you can do the same in your situation. If this strategy leads you to branding produce with tweeny boppers, you’re doing it right. My Hannah Montana banana says so. [Can you turn an Efravocado into Zuacamole? (Too far?) –Susan] More like too clever! Where’s the snare drum when you need it?

A rival to Disney’s influential childhood programming, Sesame Street scored a guest appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama this week. She said it was the “best thing” she’s done since her husband first took office earlier this year. No offense, Your Majesty. Oh, while I’ve got your ear, Your Highness, would you tell Harry it’s time he washed his hair?

Photo by DavidHBolton via Creative Commons

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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