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December 17, 2010

Friday Recap: Insomniac Edition

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Insomnia is a fun game. It’s especially fun when your alarm is set to catch your 6 a.m. group fitness class. I know this because it was a game I played last night. Insomnia won, of course. But it taught me a lesson:

Sleep deprived

1) You can go mentally insane overnight by repeating the following phrase in your head for eight hours: “Please just go to sleep.”
2) The fetal position is actually quite soothing, even at my age.
3) Friday Recaps on no sleep are completely discombobulated and contain little to no news value.

Let’s start with some less-annoying news. Since this holiday season is all about giving, I’m going to once again plug charitable acts. Google rolled out Chrome for a Cause, active between December 15 and December 19. Install the Chrome for a Cause extension, and each tab you open raises money for a charity. And you can choose one of five charities to support.

A good friend of mine recently found out she has a brain tumor – but before you fret, it’s luckily the non-cancerous kind. Even so, it’s not cool. But, it’s getting better with treatment and she has an amazing sense of humor about it. So, when I saw that The Oatmeal came out with a comic this week highlighting the awful personality of a tumor, well I had to chuckle for both me and my friend. [I cried when I read that little comic. Yes, I’m a little sleep deprived too. –Susan]

I spoke earlier in the week in the blog about the Gawker leaked passwords, but The Wall Street Journal put together a delightful visual that aggregates the top 50 Gawker media passwords to reveal that a) The general public is exceptionally funny and b) People do not know how to create a secure password (more than 3,000 people had the password “123456”).

I love, love, LOVE that hundreds of people had the password “cheese.” [And “Batman”! That’s totally my favorite. –Susan] And the breakdown of passwords by e-mail service, well, looks like Yahoo! wins for population of devil worshippers (I’m sorry, but does anyone else find it disturbing that’s a popular password?).

Gawker Leaked Passwords: Wall Street Journal

Perhaps all that evil channeling through Yahoo! is the reason for the massive layoffs; a total of 600 or so (maybe even 666, who knows). Leaked information hit Twitter this week that Yahoo! is closing services like Yahoo! Buzz, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, MyBlogLog and perhaps Delicious (still not confirmed by Yahoo! but it was on the leaked list). My immediate reaction was, “Who is this guy that leaked the info? He’s got some you-know-what.” Then I saw he was co-founder of MyBlogLog, so I guess he figured revenge was sweet.

Speaking of leaked information on Twitter,’s confidential 2011 initiatives were made public yesterday. This is some pretty serious stuff.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We’re going to dig in on this delicious spread!

Holiday Spread

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One response to “Friday Recap: Insomniac Edition”

  1. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Cheese? Why cheese? Cheese gives you bad dreams. And if you have bad dreams, you don’t sleep. And that leads to insomnia…

    Wow. Circular.

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