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September 2, 2011

Friday Recap: Labor Day Pains Edition

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Anyone else looking forward to the long weekend? I, for one, am ready to soak up the last bits of summer complete with poolside drinks and good music. Is it bad that I didn’t even know the origin of Labor Day until just today? No, it’s not derived from what I thought was a systematic honoring of all the hard work we Americans do. Labor Day actually stems from a controversial event that happened back in the late 1800s involving the killing of people on strike by U.S. Marshals. Party time?

Speaking of party time, it’s been a fun-filled week here at Bruce Clay, Inc. Most notably, we are really excited at the turnout in the chat room and the engagement around this week’s SEM Synergy show. If you missed it, you can read all the SEM Synergy highlights and inside scoop that covers topics ranging from Affiliate Summit to hacking and website backup to Google+.

And of course, you can tune in to the recorded session any time. Someone in the Webmaster Radio chat room recently said they would listen to SEM Synergy while biking, mountain climbing and fishing. Now that’s dedication!

Let’s get into this week’s chit-chat, shall we?

Branded content is the creation of advertising content that incorporates brands in subtle ways. The key? The content has to be engaging enough for people to want to consume it first, and then the brand plugs follow in a very subtle manner. Think product placement in movies and it’s kind of the same thing. Looks like Red Bull understands branded content. Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually stomach all the commercial ads that accost us each day?

Welp, it’s official. I’m at that age where I can say I’m older than some sort of technological advancement that changed the world. Yes, folks, I’m older than e-mail. Guess that’s better than saying I’m older than dirt. This week, e-mail turned 29. So, happy birthday, e-mail. You cause lots of joy, but mostly you irritate me during the weekdays. However, I couldn’t live without you.

Speaking of the birth of things, the creation of the word “nerd” has a very mysterious background with several charming possibilities behind it. One theory suggests it comes from a 1950 Dr. Seuss story called, “If I Ran the Zoo,” which features several fantastical creatures, one of them a nerd. And without the word “nerd,” there would have been no Nerds candy, of which I nourished myself for the majority of my high school years. True story.

Questions about the First Amendment and Twitter have come into play with a case surrounding one man and his threatening tweets about Buddhist leader Alyce Zeoli. This is just one example of how the government plans to handle our right to free speech as forms of communication continue to expand.

Google Plus

Is that a good segue into some Google+ talk? One blog post ponders the meaning of a recent statement by Google’s Eric Schmidt that Google+ is primarily an identity service.

Are you a try-before-you-buy kinda person? So are a lot of people, according to this post on trust and conversion rates by Oil Gardner from Unbounce. If you have an ebook or white paper, the research suggests that there’s no need to put good quality content under lock and key aka asking for an e-mail address, in order to facilitate a conversion.

The HP TouchPad is reportedly the No. 2 best-selling tablet next to iPad, yet it’s planning to be discontinued. But not without one last round of inventory being pushed out and HP reducing the remaining inventory to just $100 a pop.

Cloud computing? Nah. Tad with the groovy ‘stache says the IT plan from the back of his van is better:

Forget Black Hat or White Hat; Angie Schottmuller argues that it’s the color of your Lightsaber in the SEO wars that really matters. What color is yours?

Hey, you ever think about the value you can create with the resources and skills available to you? Chris Dixon talks about ways we can impact the world through our careers. I like that idea.

I’ll wrap up with a roundup of this week’s BCI blog posts, in case you missed ’em:

• Monday: Cleaning Up Trashy Web Content: How to Create Posts That Don’t Stink
• Tuesday: A Case for Redefining SEO: Embracing Content Marketing
• Wednesday: How to Get a Handle on Your Social Media Schedule

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Labor Day Pains Edition”

  1. Jessica Lee writes:

    Oh very cool, I just checked its FB page out for the first time. Good stuff. Thanks for the comment, Andy!

  2. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Nice to see someone else recognising Red Bull’s commitment to consistent branding! I pulled their Facebook page out as an example of great brand consistency in a meeting last week.

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