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August 6, 2010

Friday Recap: Like Cats and Dogs Edition

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Fah-rye-dae! You know what that means! This week’s recap starts with man’s best friend and ends with me being a crazy cat lady. Cool?

dog and girl

It’s not uncommon to see dogs that look eerily similar to their owner. If you have kids (or are one at heart) you’ve probably seen that scene near the beginning of 101 Dalmatians where Pongo and Roger are out for a walk and the floppy-haired dog is led by a floppy-haired man and the prim and proper lady is strolling with her manicured poodle? Well it turns out the scene isn’t far from the truth. Pups actually imitate their people automatically. You’re likely to teach a dog a new trick by doing the trick yourself.

As marketers we’re often looking for ways to teach an old dog new tricks by capitalizing on new trends and technologies that will help get our message out. We also look back to see what’s worked and what stands the test of time. The top 10 ad icons of all time is a nostalgic look at the brand spokespeople that put their stamp on American culture and advertising efforts since. Nevermind that I don’t recognize most of them. [V, you didn’t even recognize a classic Python reference. —Susan]

A couple in the UK have celebrated their vows with Susan’s dream wedding. Wonder Woman and Batman walked down the aisle, next to bridesmaids the PowerPuff Girls and guests including Superman, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. The only problem with marrying Batman? Not knowing his identity under the mask. Let’s hope an imposter didn’t slip into the suit and say the vows in place of the real groom!

Susan’s other hero this week is a 12-year-old girl in Sussex who disabled a burglar with a swift kick to the groin. After the guy ran away groaning, she drew a picture of him, complete with creepster smile and emblemed sweatshirt, then casually told her mom that “something a bit odd” happened. [All because she didn’t want him to think she was weak. Hero! –Susan]

Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska — The Aurora Bo...
Image via Wikipedia

The sun came out of its 11-year hibernation causing the aurora borealis to be seen farther south than is typical, including some in the lower 48 states. A video from an observer in Denmark captured a beautiful example of the aurora, and seeing the Northern Lights is now on my lifetime to-do list.

Traveling the world is one of those things on everyone’s to-do list. One guy’s on pace to do that in days if you consider he managed to cross America in two minutes. Okay, not really. But the concept sure looks cool thanks to the Levi’s Guy Walks Across America video.

A two-minute 3,000 miles is pretty fast, even faster than a virus — which is like the highest standard of fast for marketers. A round-up of awesome viral images is not only cool looking but also provides some tasty food for thought.

Speaking of which, who knew that it was food that provided thought to primitive man. A meat-based diet allowed our primate precursors to evolve larger brains. Instead of using all their energy to digest tough roots, fruits and vegetables, the high nutrition in meat and the discovery of fire cooking meant that there was enough energy to go to the gray stuff, which grew and developed. Now remember, vegetarians are people too, so meat eaters, don’t get a big head about this or anything, ‘kay? [Best line from the article. “Tools meant we didn’t need big sharp teeth like other predators.” I feel this is applicable to marketers as well. —Susan] Oo, clever like a fox! Or a tiger on the prowl…

Which brings us to our final and most important item of the day: big cats rolling around with catnip!

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One response to “Friday Recap: Like Cats and Dogs Edition”

  1. Man Ray writes:

    The link for “swift kick to the groin” doesn’t seem to work for me. Anyway, this is a great recap Virginia! Who doesn’t love stoned kitties? :)

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