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April 1, 2011

Friday Recap: New York Bagel FTW Edition

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Happy Friday and April Fools’ Day! You know who isn’t a fool? Chris Hart, our director of eastern region operations. In fact, I would say Chris is the exact opposite of a fool. Chris is a genius. Why? Because he overnighted bagels from New York to our offices here in Southern California today.

Bagels FTW

This all started with a heartbroken liveblogger covering SES in NYC last week. See, in New York, there’s kinda this thing it’s known for: great bagels. Sadly, this liveblogger did not see one bagel at the conference. I’m sure she would have even settled for a not-so-great bagel. Because bagels are the fuel for this liveblogger’s typing.

Well at any rate, turns out, complaining gets you everywhere! Susan negotiated and our resident East Coaster stepped up to the plate and delivered – literally! [Thanks, Chris! You’re a superhero! –Susan]

Now that our bellies are full of carbs and dairy, let’s get on to the Friday Recap!

We don’t have any April Fools’ Day tricks up our sleeves here at Bruce Clay, Inc., but Google sure does. Matt McGee declared Google the winner with his roundup of Google pranks including a phony “autocompleter” job opening that asks, “Do you often feel like you know what your friends and family are thinking and can finish their thoughts before they can?” Looks like the role of an autocompleter takes speed and foresight; an autocompleter must watch queries as they are being types, and type back as quickly as possible with what she thinks the person means.

Seacrest Pygmy Marmoset

Additional April tomfoolery includes Hulu’s website circa 1996, complete with grainy images of Mulder and Scully from The X Files. Oh, and the Bronx Zoo’s Cobra sent Seacrest back to the pygmy marmoset enclosure where he belongs and hijacked

Did you know that mobile search engine results vary from phone to phone? This is due to the search engines delivering results for the type of phone a user is performing the query with. And if the website is not mobile device compatible, it may not rank at all; one big reason to get your site mobile ready. Check out the results for various keywords and mobile devices on the Mobile Moxie Search Simulator.

Speaking of mobile devices, those little Androids sure know how to bust a move in Taiwan. Seriously, watch this.

In other Google news, Google +1 launched this week as its answer to Facebook “likes.” Search Engine Land explored how the Google +1 annotation will be featured on all paid search ads by default, and how this has lifted ads that feature it.

Looking for even more ways Twitter can distract you from getting things done? Look no further than these novelty Twitter apps, including “My Tweet 16” (finding the first 16 tweets of any user account), “Die Fail Whale” (payback is a b****) and “Twitter Parade,” by which images of your followers are affixed on little stick people that dance around with their latest updates.

Facebook is all about free speech and revolutions and all, but not when it comes to direct calls or expressions of hate, as was the case in a page calling for Palestinian uprising against Israel, which was deactivated by Facebook.

OK, this next bit of news is heartbreaking but has a happy ending. A pit bull puppy in New Jersey was starved to near death and thrown down a trash chute. He was found by a maintenance worker and rushed to the vet hospital where he received a blood transfusion among other things. The miracle: he lived and is recovering. Soapbox warning: Animals all over the United States are abused everyday, yet our laws and punishment rarely do it justice. You can make a difference by becoming active in the legislation process. The proposed “Patrick’s Law” is one you can check out in the article.

While we’re on the topic of animals, Skittles got creative with some videos gone viral that include a cat and a hairy man that may just make you want to take a shower after. [Thanks (?) go to Greg Finn for finding this one. –Susan]

In other video news, we’re going to send you off on your weekend with a very entertaining one-man Disney show by Nick Pitera. Pure. Talent.

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