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July 23, 2010

Friday Recap: Positively Peachy Edition

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Hi-ho! Welcome back to your favorite day of the work week. I can tell you’re crushing it in the hours left, but take a load off for a hot minute and savor some recap.

Or don’t and stay busy. Because busy equals happy, according to recent research. Unfortunately, our instinct is to idle. The researchers found that people report feeling happier when they’ve been busy, even doing tasks categorized as “futile busyness,” and yet we’re hard wired to try to save energy by doing nothing. Thanks a lot, evolution.

peaches on tree
CC BY ND 2.0

Evolution seems to have missed the mark on that one, which makes you wonder, is that the only case? One scientist says the ecosystem would remain in balance if one major pest were eliminated completely: mosquitoes. Yup, those disease-ridden itchy buggers could disappear from the planet and everything could go on unaffected. No mercy!

Here’s another tricky joke played by Mother Nature. What do apples, barley, cassava root and lima beans have in common? Cyanide. Didn’t know that you were dodging death with that peach, did you? Now you have a good excuse to tell mom when you pass on the lima beans.

I’ll tell you something else I’ll take a pass on: Facebook games. Or at least the constant notifications in my News Feed. I feel like every time I block one, another takes its place. One clever developer decided we might as well make the most of it — with another Facebook game! Touché.

If you’ve been following the back and forth of the USDA, NAACP, Tea Party, Shirley Sherrod debacle, you’re probably as amazed as I am that the knee-jerk inducing media cycle has brought society to such a low point. (I know, it was a much simpler time when people would get all the facts before acting.) Just for a twist of added amusement, check out the opening line of Andrew Breitbart’s post that unleashed the video: “Context is everything.” Jaw, meet floor.

Hmm… that last paragraph probably came across as totally obscure if you haven’t been following the saga. Of course, if “saga following” is your thing, you’re probably at San Diego ComicCon right now! Susan’s there, taking it all in along with 120,000 other fans. Fans who may or may not look like this guy that Tony Adam turned me on to. Though maybe “turned me on” is too strong a phrase… I’m inclined to think ComicCon attendees are way more put together than that. Look how impressive their impromptu counter-protest was!

Keep on with your heartfelt positivity, ComicCon! Meanwhile, on Twitter, are we positive or negative? There’s some interesting sentiment analysis going on, seeking to judge the mood of the nation. Happy to report that on the West Coast, we’re generally a happy bunch. As for the East Coast, well, not everyone gets sunshine all the time.

Stay cool out there this lovely summer weekend! I recommend eating lots of watermelon because it’s delicious and hydrating. And kinda cozy, too.

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4 responses to “Friday Recap: Positively Peachy Edition”

  1. Man Ray writes:

    During my childhood, I already had an inkling that those lima beans were poisoned. I was either the cyanide, or the smell of passing gas after eating them.

  2. Virginia Nussey writes:

    We can only hope so, Andy… ;D

  3. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    As much as I’d like to believe we could get rid of mosquitos, I’m sure there’s something this guy could’ve missed. I mean, they’ve got to exist for a reason other than to piss me off, right?

  4. Mike writes:

    I can definitely confirm that busyness equates happiness, because as much as I like to do nothing, if I do nothing for an extended amount of time I get seriously bored!

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