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August 19, 2011

Friday Recap: Post-PC Era Edition

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It’s that time again boys and squirrels, ladies and germs. Another Friday recap from your friendly neighborhood SEOs at Bruce Clay, Inc. And what a wild week it was, too. Full of drama, suspense, espionage and slightly dysfunctional humor. Without further procrastination, the news of the week.

For those of you who are political junkies and are as fascinated as we are with social media infusion, I have good news and bad news. The good news is the White House joined Foursquare this week. Now we can see the president check-in all over Washington, DC and this great nation of ours, which will be kind of cool once campaign season is in full swing. The bad news is Barack Obama is not the mayor of the Oval Office quite yet.

Speaking of connectedness, it seems that local governments on opposite sides of the world are at odds with social networking. Following the London riots, the city of London and its outlying areas have been on high alert. So much so that a 20-year old man from Colchester, England was arrested for planning a water gun fight, news of which spread far and wide via Blackberry messaging and Facebook. Apparently massive water gun fights are nothing new to Britain.

In an attempt to preempt a protest organized against transit police brutality, the city of San Francisco wasn’t going to risk a potentially London-sized debacle. As a result, city officials blocked all cell phone service for three hours on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) subway system to stem any efforts to demonstrate peaceably.

Censorship became the heart of the issue when Anonymous took up the cause and promptly took control of the BART website, releasing workers’ personal information. With fuel added to the flames, the protest eventually took place this past Monday and shut down three platforms. And in case you’re wondering, cell phone service was restored for this demonstration and Anonymous posted a creepy video with a talking Guy Fawkes mask.

Luckily for our own Virginia Nussey and Jessica Lee, with help from Jayme Westervelt,  who were all in San Francisco this week at SES, they steered clear of the civil unrest in the city as they were indisposed with live blogging the conference. And a wonderful job they did with their coverage on topics like maximizing Google +,  convergence and recording the effectiveness of social media in SEO. Jessica even unveiled the eagerly anticipated Localware, offering SEO-ready Web design, development, and complete Digital marketing.

This was the biggest technology week I’ve seen in a while. Some might even call it cataclysmic, but not this technophile. In case you haven’t heard, Google bought something, and it only cost $12.5 billion. Pending government approval, Google will acquire Motorola Mobility in what looks like an attempt on Google’s part to become more like Apple, in terms of strengthening the Android ecosystem. The mantra is simple, and rather Steve Jobsian. Control the hardware, control the software. Plus Google gets more patents than you can shake a doodle at, which is good considering the patent spat Google is in with Microsoft.

But I’m not entirely sold on the idea that Google should be like Apple. Case in point: look what happened to Hewlett Packard this week. HP is killing WebOS only a month or so after its release. All was going well until the TouchPad launched, then no one bought it. Nor did anyone pay attention to the other WebOS devices HP developed. By the time of release, the market was flooded with iPads and Android-based tablets, and there simply was no room for a third operating system. HP TouchPads sold so poorly that Best Buy is reportedly asking HP to take back the entire inventory.

Not only is HP no longer supporting WebOS and its devices, it’s trying to rid itself of its PC business as well, which is huge for two reason:

  1. HP is the largest PC manufacturer in the world.
  2. The damn, dirty iPad!

Recognizing that Steve Jobs may have been right when Apple released the iPad, that the Post-PC Era was upon us, HP will most likely jump ship on the PC game to focus more on business and enterprise avenues. In other words, HP will re-invent itself much like IBM did, because hey, it worked for them, right?

The iPad has claimed its first victim and HP got the Taiwanese animation treatment.

Kind of post-apocalyptic, I know, but there will come a day when PCs won’t exist. But you know what will? Memes. A few weeks back, I wrote about leisure diving and owling as the new planking. Well, I’m here to officially announce that both of those Internet sensations are dead. Horsemaning has been crowned the new king of Memedom.


Horsemaning, which apparently gained initial photographic popularity in the 1920s, refers to fake beheading. This admittedly sounds gruesome, but with an old-is-new spin that only the Internet could muster, horsemaning has provided for some very creative photo ops. Though it depicts the illusion of someone without a head, horsemaning is 100 percent safe, unlike planking.

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s to the next ridiculous Internet photo trend. Stay tuned and, as the good Doctor would say, “Res Ipsa Loquitur.”

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    Coolt to see the old girl without the head photo.


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