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November 5, 2010

Friday Recap: Procrastination Edition

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Happy November, everyone! Do you know what is great about November? It means the Starbucks holiday menu is back! That means I’m going to spend the next two months downing gingerbread lattes like there’s a prize at the bottom (the prize is CAFFEINE),

fall leaves by Kate Rhodes

November is also great because of the conferences. ad:tech and BlueGlass Florida wrapped up this week and next week is PubCon, where the drinking is built right into the name. Bruce and Chris went to ad:tech where, apparently, they still can’t even spell SEO, let alone decide if SEO is a solution to rent or buy. When will the rest of the world catch up with our awesome mojo? Maybe it’s all due to that pesky reputation problem. Lisa’s got some solutions for our SEO ORM issues. How about we try a couple of her suggestions?

Tron: Legacy Lightcycle

Even better than November is December. No, not because of Christmas (though I can post a wish list if you guys want) but because Tron:Legacy is coming out on December 5th and Leverage returns for its season finale on December 12th. So excited! I saw a 20 preview of Tron: Legacy last Thursday and, you guys, it was everything my inner 80s kid wanted it to be and more. Leverage, of course, is the best show on television, and so it goes without saying that its return is made of great. (Shockingly, I’m not being paid by either Disney or TNT to pimp their products. But I really should be. Disney/TNT, if you want my wish list, let me know.)

Yeah, okay, I have as much chance of getting compensated for that as I do of finishing a novel this month. But, like Matt Cutts, I’m going to give it the old college try. The first step is to give up trying to perfect my gazebo. The only way to write a novel is to sit down and write. Crazy concept, I know.

An equally crazy concept that is nevertheless raking in the cash: Earth-front views on the Moon! Yes, for only $29.99 an acre, you, too, can own your own patch of our only natural satellite. Act now and you can get a vacation spot on Mars as well.

San Francisco is full of terrible people. Not only did the Giants win the World Series but the residents of San Fran also hate happiness and effectively banned the Happy in the Happy Meal by denying toys to meals that don’t meet the nutritional guidelines.

However, down here in So Cal, we are not terrible people, so I’m going to wish you a very good weekend and the best of luck on whatever you’re reading this to avoid doing. I’m off to get a gingerbread latte. Ciao!

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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Procrastination Edition”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    I’ve had three already. It’s a terrible delicious addiction.

  2. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Gingerbread Lattes are back? Well, that’s my caffeine needs for the next two months sorted…

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