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February 12, 2010

Friday Recap: SEO Olympics — Love, Flips and Tricks Edition

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To the tune of “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band: Do a little dance! Make a little noise! It’s Friday night! It’s Friday night!

Sometimes these fits of brilliance just hit me. ;)

I love coming across the hilarious antics of people who know Google Street View is in town. SEO and social media marketer Michael Gray found a great one this week: two dudes chasing Street View in scuba gear! The story told by traveling through that moment in time is priceless. If you go back a frame you see them waiting in their lawn chairs while reading the paper.

We’re trying out a new recurring feature on the BCI Facebook fan page. In our Facebook question of the week, we want to know what you think about topical issues in Digital marketing. This week’s Super Bowl advertisers had me wondering if traditional media ads have more-or-less become a means for driving online traffic. Add your two cents to the convo, please!

Oh, and it’s also important that you weigh in on PajamasJeans. They’re pajamas and they’re jeans. I believe Susan’s comment was: “I can’t tell if these are brilliant or insane.” One vote for brilliant! PajamaJeans are so the next Snuggie!

Here’s another fun find, and this one’s especially useful for folks who like a dash of personality with their analytics data. VisitorVille is an analytics program that represents your site, your visitors, and the sites from which they came as a virtual town. The sites are buildings, the visitors are people and search engines are buses! It’s like Sims for statistics!

Bruce Clay, Inc.’s cohorts down under have been busy! Bruce Clay Australasia made its SEO Factors and Trends Report, previously available only to clients, available to the public. The report includes recommendations for social media marketing, link building and personalized search optimization.

Want some tips on personal branding? (I do!)

First, don’t let NBC do to you what it did to Leno. Some brand analysts believe Jay Leno’s brand may be tarnished beyond repair.

Next, look on the bright side of life. According to analysis by social media marketer Dan Zarella, negative remarks expressed on Twitter may result in fewer followers.

Finally, see what lessons you can take away from the big guys. Mashable breaks down the keys to success when building a brand hub through media. Not surprisingly, social media participation plays an important role.

If you’re looking for some pointers for performing site audits, SEO Alan Bleiweiss has published the first part of a series that offers just that. From putting a price tag on failure to the generation of an action plan, this is hands-on SEO at its finest.

Digital marketing firm Outspoken Media celebrated a one-year anniversary this week. Co-founder Rae Hoffman shared her insider’s view on launching a startup. From the post I got an idea of initial setup costs, considerations in developing company structure, and areas of significant growth.

CC BY-SA 2.0

Here’s some more interesting insight into the inner workings of a company. A Silicon Alley Insider Chart of the Day charted Microsoft’s operating profit by division. Online services and entertainment and devices have been reliably in the red, while Microsoft Office is the company’s winner by a mile.

I’ve become personally invested in a soon-to-be iPhone app from my buddy Dan, @dgiul. This year I’ve had a minor obsession with food holidays and have been happily announcing them on Twitter. Dan had the brilliant idea to turn the food holiday calendar into a handy app, and he’s open to ideas for names. It’d also be great if you could vote on your favorites! Thanks for helping make this dream a reality!

Susan continues to rub in the fact that she’s got a darling baby niece and we don’t. Hey Susan! Just so you know, that dewy-eyed angel you were snuggling is actually a lying, murderous bigot! I’m on to you now, babies! (J/K. Susan already knows about those naughty monkeys. She sent me the post!)

Digiday is surveying mobile marketers for their Mobile State of the Industry Q1/10 report. Participants will receive the survey results, two weeks free access to their digital knowledge base and the chance to win a pass to a DM2Event or a gift certificate.

Just in time for the Winter Olympics, Google has introduced a snow mobile to its Street View fleet. Yahoo! Sports is decked out for the Olympics, and Bing Maps is putting its tech preview of Streetside Photos to good use with pics of Vancouver.

I ran across a series of travel quizzes on National Geographic, which could be hours of fun for those snowed in this weekend! There are quizzes on countries, cities and national parks. I got a pathetic 5/8 for my home town of L.A. Think you can do better?

If you’re not snowed in this weekend, you’ll probably be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetie. No sweetie? No worries. Romance isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, right, xkcd?

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