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June 12, 2009

Friday Recap: Shoot for the Stars Edition

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guy dancing on chairs
Photo by Lee Carson
via Creative Commons

Who hasn’t made time for their TGIF chair dance? It’s okay, I’m not judging. It’s just that I know how hard you work, and sometimes you gotta make some time for yourself, you know? On three, let’s tap our toes, wiggle our hips, point our fingers in the air and create a little doo-wop moment. One, two, three… Happy dance!

Ahh. That’s better. Now we can take a look at some of this week’s neat news.

The SEO Newsletter comes out Monday and if you’re not already subscribed, there’s no time like the present. See the form in the blog’s right-hand nav that says “Subscribe to our SEO Newsletter”? Yeah, it’s that easy. If you’re the type that needs convincing, here’s a quick teaser: wonder no more what Matt Cutts really said regarding PR sculpting with nofollow.

Tonight at midnight Eastern, Facebook will put vanity URLs up for grabs. Profiles and pages are both eligible for custom addresses, although every page or profile is only allowed one each and there are restrictions on length and character usage. The social media wizards at 10e20 have put together a helpful preparation guide that includes eligibility requirements. According to Mashable’s sources, fan pages with less than a thousand followers can claim a custom URL after June 28. [Face it, it’s not like you’re doing anything else on date night, right? –Susan]

Photo by Srini G via Creative Commons

It’s always impressive when a company captures a bit of viral video magic, considering how rare this hallowed rite of online marketing truly is. Carl’s Jr.’s latest campaign has amassed more than 3 million video views. Of course it helps that the video for the mushroom burger features such a fungi. (Ah, I crack myself up!) [Rimshot –Susan] If you’re looking to get into the online video space, check out ReelSEO’s list of tools that let you upload videos to multiple video sharing sites. Both paid and free tools make the list, so whatever your budget, it’s worth checking out.

The release of the iPhone 3GS was announced this week. Gadget lovers are understandably excited, but the shiny new toy could have marketers smiling, too. AdAge has listed features of the new smartphone, explaining how marketers can leverage each technology. If you’re more of an RIM fan, you can snag a free BlackBerry before the deal ends Sunday. This is one seriously awesome offer. [Having bought my 8900 when it came out four months ago, I now know how iPhone owners feel. And I don’t like it. –Susan]

FYI: I have not been bribed to write about the above products. If I had, the FTC would come after me, and I’m not looking to get on any federal agencies’ bad side. If you do find yourself in dire straits with the authorities, take a deep breath. I hear it’s pretty easy to get a pass from the Commander in Chief. Tellingly, comic book writers have translated the President’s inner superhero into pen and ink, and thinks a few other celebs might have what it takes as well.

comet mcnaught
Photo by chrs_snll
via Creative Commons

Unfortunately, even the POTUS can’t save us from an otherworldly threat. In a billion years, when Mars or Venus decide to stop by for a visit and inadvertently smash Earth to smithereens, I have a feeling I might not make it. One teen got a small-scale preview of the action when he was hit by a pea-sized meteorite. It left him with a scar and the absolute coolest story ever.

In the Googleverse, updates and releases are raining down faster than comets. Last week we read Search Engine Watch’s super-sized list of Google updates, and this week we get a list of nine more. Links to more info on reconsideration request updates, the new mobile iGoogle, and the updated Webmaster Tools interface — they’re all there.

Before we part ways, I just want to cheer us all on as we enter a new age. An age where “Web 2.0” is the one millionth word to enter the English language. Does anyone else see good times on the horizon?

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • Is your goat bored? Unmotivated? Has the old sparkle left his eyes? Build him a goat tower!
  • Next time don’t skip lunch. Instead, warm up some beans with your computer. Appetizing. [Yum yum fail. –Susan]
  • As soon as some evidence of extraterrestrial life surfaces, the kids go and burn it.
  • Sure the bird can dance, but can it head bang with a gusto that would put Judas Priest to shame? Uh… that’s a yes!
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One response to “Friday Recap: Shoot for the Stars Edition”

  1. Lisa Barone writes:

    That cockatoo is by far the scariest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for the nightmares, V.

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