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June 18, 2010

Friday Recap: Space Cadets Edition

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Lots of important things to share with you today. Better get to it!

Last week Susan asked that people get on the Robert bandwagon for So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, Robert had another stellar performance on this week’s show, but one friend had bigger aspirations — hopes of seeing BCI’s Robert Esparza getting jiggy wit’ it. And who are we to disappoint? I bring you Robert and Gary Luke’s disco boogie!

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The situation in the Gulf Coast continues to be a story of hardship and sadness as Americans consider ways to help the disaster relief effort. There’s one very easy way to pitch in if you’re a Twitter user. Just retweet the following Twitter update by Stephen Colbert: “in honor of oil-soaked birds, ‘tweets’ are now ‘gurgles.“. For every tweet, Comedy Central will donate $1 to the Address the Mess Campaign, up to $50,000.

The oil spill is probably the least cool thing that can be seen from space (understatement), but wouldn’t it be fantastic to check out that view? Sure, space travel is terribly expensive, but now there’s a way that you can send your face to space, which is actually pretty sweet. NASA’s Face in Space program will launch your likeness into celestial orbit and all you have to do is upload your image. Just don’t blame me if you’re the first to be hunted down by the aliens when they show up. (I totally stole that joke from Susan’s friend. Respect.) [Who cares? It’s your FACE! In SPACE! I for one welcome the alien hit squad. —Susan]

While we’re still finding puzzles out in the final frontier, it’s possible to get a better understating of the next frontier of the Web by reading Why You Should Adopt HTML5 — Now.

YouTube has adopted a cloud-based video editor, which will be handy for basic editing needs. I’m hoping to get in some video interviews while at next month’s BlueGlass LA conference, so I plan to give the video editor a whirl then. By the way, you can get a 15 percent discount on a conference pass with our code bcbgla. Susan and I will be there, and I think you’ll want to be, too.

AOL dumped Bebo, the social network the online network acquired in 2008 for about $850 million. Reports pegged the sale at $10 million, with AOL throwing in an arm and a leg to sweeten the deal.

This feature’s been missing for a while, but I learned some really spiffy things from Boing Boing this week!

And for our final story of the day, it seems that Lakers fans aren’t done causing trouble. A cake celebrating the NBA champions caused a stir when some in the office wanted a pic on the blog and others (coughSUSANcough) refused. I was in the mood for a little mutiny so I took the picture and am posting here. We’ll see if Susan can stand it enough to let this one slide through to the blog… [I said no! Boo, Lakers! —Susan] Mmm… insubordination tastes like chocolate. —Virginia

Happy Father’s Day weekend, everyone!

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6 responses to “Friday Recap: Space Cadets Edition”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Violinist = right?! And as for getting your name in space, everyone who enters gets to go to space, or have their name go, anyway! Fun for the whole family!

  2. Private Label SEO writes:

    The Violinist FTW! I’m not much of a Lakers fan, but you’ve got to admit, they gave us one heck of a show. My name on space… On the NASA promo, I could just imagine if I were picked, after the launch my whole family would stand outside our house looking up to the sky, and in chorus they would yell out, “Where is it?” Excellent recap!

  3. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Thank you sir! Next time I’ll get you dancing. :)

  4. Scott Fowles writes:

    Greatest friday recap EVER!

  5. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Dancers and their million-dollar careers! Happy to give Robert his big break, Mrs. Esparza! :D

  6. Mom writes:

    “So”, (Thank you “science and Microsoft”!) now everyone thinks Robert can dance! New career? Millions? Presents for parents?

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