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May 14, 2010

Friday Recap: Stop the Madness Edition

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OMG with the Facebook insanity! Just because this entire week needs an adorable animal chaser or three, here’s a hit of itty bitty tortoises, a dose of rare white otter cubs, and a shot of kittens going down a slide.

Phew. That’s better.

With all the attention going to Facebook, it’s almost buried all memory of Twitter’s mea culpa earlier this week. A bug let users force other users to follow them, and once alerted to the problem, Twitter reset everyone’s followers and fixed the bug. Funny story. The bug was discovered by a user that tweeted “accept pwns”, because Accept is the name of his favorite band. It also happened to be all a user had to tweet to get whatever username was after “accept” to become a follower. So basically pwns pwned Twitter. I realize I’m the only person laughing about this. Moving on.

Has Googlebot gone into overdrive? From the look of one webmaster’s traffic graph, Googlebot is crawling more pages on his site and sticking around longer. The author of this post wonders if it could have any connection to the purported Mayday update (briefly, Mayday is the name for the mysterious drop in long-tail keyword traffic coming from Google). While the nature of Mayday is still unknown, SEOs are sharing a number of theories at Webmaster World. Will Google come out and explain the issue? Probably not.

I do have to give Google props. I was impressed by how well they could take a joke when comedian Conan O’Brien was invited to the ‘Plex. Dissing the self nickname “Googler”, dubbing Vic Gundotra “the most condescending man” he’s ever met and, my personal favorite, calling out the power hungry masses after he’s asked to dance for the audience.

For a healthy helping of news you can use, Search Engine Journal brings us WordPress plugins that can give a competitive boost to business blogs. Salesforce integration, surveys, redirects and live chat plugins are just a few on the list.

I told myself I was going to avoid Facebook-related posts in the recap today, but who was I kidding? At TechCrunch you’ll find astute analysis of how Facebook got into this crazy mess of changing the rules mid-game. Obviously the privacy brouhaha is complicated, but getting behind the what and the why helped me put the social network’s goals into perspective. [Step one: Build an addictively sticky clubhouse. Step two: Remove all protections. Step Three: Profit! —Susan]

Also interesting was NYT’s visualization of the network’s bewildering privacy management system. And following up on this week’s SEM Synergy with tips for Facebook fan page marketing, check out ways to enhance your Facebook fan page — because while you and I might be outraged that Facebook control has come undone, the Facebook audience isn’t going anywhere. Businesses better be around when users come looking for you.

Shuttle Atlantis’s last mission is getting set to take off some time today, with the exact launch depending on the weather. Thankfully, the occasion gave us one last chance to get to the bottom of a mystery. How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space? Now you know! [Thanks, Mom, for that link. —Susan] Yep! Mrs. Esparza is sharing videos about space potties with you! Everyone leave your thank yous in the comments.

I also want to know what I can do to help stop this tragedy. Write a letter? March in a protest? Send money to a reputable agency? Join a cleanup effort? If you know of a way to help, please share it with us. That disaster has got to stop. If you feel the same, check out Crowdrise, a brand new social site that connects those who want to give their time or money to good causes. Here are some projects going on now to help with the Gulf Coast oil spill.

And with that, I need another shot.

tiny tortoise on skateboard


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2 responses to “Friday Recap: Stop the Madness Edition”

  1. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Despite their destructive tendencies, your cats sound adorable! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one laughing at Twitter’s pwnage! Ha!

  2. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Those kittens were the spitting image of my cats. Although they seem less hellbent on destroying my couch.

    Anway, you’re not the only person laughing about Twitter – I was amazed they let such an easy back door stay unlocked for so long!

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