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January 22, 2010

Friday Recap: Storm Chaser Edition

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It’s been a week deserving of a shout-it-from-the-rooftops “TGIF!” So much going on, makes a girl just wanna curl up with a bucket of Rocky Road, watching the lightning storm out my window.

Alternately, I could kick back and watch the Sundance Film Festival online. YouTube announced it is getting into the movie biz starting this week. YouTube will start renting movies, launching the offering by making five Sundance Film Festival films available for rent this weekend.

Have you heard that it’s raining in SoCal? A series of monster storms pummeled the Cali southland this week.

Driving about after a storm brought Paula to an observation that I second:

Seriously, what’s up with that? How do rain-drenched towns deal? Someone please speak up in the comments. Think I’m overreacting? This is not just the weather-privileged California girl in me talking. See, this image from space proves that NASA believes me. (Related: Images from space show that Mars is a hottie!)

NASA added to the history books today when an astronaut broadcast the first live tweet from space. Careful there, space rangers. Tweeting while astronauting could be dangerous. Multitasking with mobile devices seems to be a dangerous feat these days. Scientists and researchers are beginning to look at the effect of constant multitasking, both behind the wheel and on foot. And maybe even from the space station.

While we’re on the subject of dangerous feats, behold! The flying blogger!

Sorry, that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I’m just so darn proud!

Know who else should be proud? Internet marketer Lyndon Reid who trusted his gut on a major wager. One group of Internet marketers. One hand of black jack. What happens next?

“What happens next?” is a question that has been top-of-mind for many SEOs staring in the face of a personalized search world. David Harry has published the results of his latest round of testing around the rankings flux of search personalization.

A great company and client of Bruce Clay, Inc. is looking to support their Digital marketing efforts with two in-house SEO/SEM positions. Salem Web Network is looking for two search engine marketers to work in the Richmond, Virginia area, so if you’re an experienced SEM or SEO interested in working hand in hand with Bruce Clay, Inc. at a passionate company in Virginia, be sure to check out this opportunity.

I ran across some fun, interactive visualizations this week. I’m not sure how new they are but I figure it never hurts to share. Digital marketing agency Razorfish brought us A Decade in Search, which outlines the most popular search queries along with the shifting partnerships in search. There’s also the Conversation Prism, now available in a zoomable, clickable format. Last but not least, I learned about Charting the Beatles, a crowdsourced collection of Beatles-themed graphics.

Bing is getting fancy, adding some new visualizations as well:

[10:05:42 AM] BCI-Susan Esparza: Kinda neat Bing feature
[10:06:13 AM] BCI-Susan Esparza: I feel like this is typical of Bing (and Ask too.) They have lots of neat features but when it comes to “just search” they fall down.

candy from Japan
Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

Okay, that kinda hurt. [Truth often does. —Susan] How about a unicorn chaser? Shoot. Fresh out of unicorns. How about some funky candy instead? Apparently the chocolate in England is superior to its American counterparts. In the East, Japan takes the gold for these 20 strange candies. It’s like an adventure for your tongue.

I have to veer back around to Twitter news because I didn’t get to it all when I was talking about tweeting astronauts. Rumor is that Twitter plans to release the usernames of inactive accounts. Sadly the Twitter name I’d like is quite active. Making it worse, the user known as @Virginia wouldn’t even be my friend if I asked her to. (See bio. Sad face!)

One tweeter was arrested under the Terrorism Act and has been banned for life from his local airport after tweeting a bomb threat that was intended as a joke. The moral of this story? Bomb threats to airports are never okay. Was that so hard?

A Friday Recap almost wouldn’t be complete without an outstanding blog post by Lisa Barone. Today she caught a new feature making its debut on Twitter called Local Trends. The tool lets you see the trending topics broken down into location. Lisa tells us that people in SoCal are whining about the rain. Ahem. Please refer to the image from space linked to above.

Has Twitter usurped your vanity search results against your will? Turns out you can add one line to your blog or site to indicate it’s your preferred representation of you. Handy-dandy microformat, FTW.

Now on to Google and SEO. Internet marketer Ian Lurie has published the Google Analytics Cheatsheet. It’s not an exhaustive cheat sheet, but it does cover all the tools he and his staff use day-to-day. Ian has generously licensed it under Creative Commons, so feel free to download and share, but definitely give credit where credit is due for this incredible resource.

On the David Naylor blog we find common mistakes of beginner SEOs. Strategy, research, keywords, content, links, and on and on. No SEO sector is immune, so stay alert.

And just for fun, ever think about what properties Google might be looking to acquire? Phone maker HTC? Competitor Yahoo!? Or maybe they’ll look to gain a stake in everyone’s favorite superstore Walmart. Oh the possibilities!

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • What does vengeance look like when money is no object? (Watch the Bugati Veyron skit to find out.)
  • Sloths have gotten a bad wrap. They’re actually fast, smart and, um, really picky eaters.
  • Our Stone Age ancestors may have started farming for love of beer. Probably should’ve seen that coming.
  • The Shiba Inu puppy cam is back! I also recommend the two-week old Boxer pups and the rambunctious CKCs if that’s your style.
  • In 2011 the New York Times will begin charging frequent readers to access the Web site. I plan to pony up. You? [Not a chance. —Susan]
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4 responses to “Friday Recap: Storm Chaser Edition”

  1. Elisa writes:

    It rains a lot in Boston, but we get the potholes too. I’ve always wondered what is up with that.

  2. Lisa Barone writes:

    We can hug it out next week when I come visit my fridge…oh, and BCI.

  3. Virginia Nussey writes:

    Grrr… I feel the need to be funny here… How about an I love you instead?

  4. Lisa Barone writes:

    omg that video is amazing and I love you! And, uh, I said nothing about your silly rain. [runs away]

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