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January 21, 2011

Friday Recap: Onwards and Upwards

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How should I sum up this week at Bruce Clay, Inc.? I guess “educational” describes it best. We published this month’s edition of the SEO Newsletter, with 2011 predictions on the state of search from Bruce, an in-depth article on cloaking from the Australia BCI offices and lots more information for our loyal readers.

We also wrapped up our standard and advanced SEOToolSet™ SEO classroom training here in California, and it was another successful week for our students. Congrats to everyone who completed the course!

Coffee Beans

‘Cause I am perturbed without like coffee in the mornings, I thought I’d start off with some Starbucks news. Now, patrons of some 6,800 Starbucks locations will be able to pay for lattes, cappuccinos and the like with smartphones. Convenience + Monopoly-like money = more sales, right? Go caffeine!

The Internet was aflutter this week with news that Eric Schmidt is stepping down as CEO of Google and moving into an executive chairman role. Larry Page will take over as CEO and Sergey Brin steps down as president to take a more active role in strategic projects — whatever that means (I’m just reporting the news, people). Some speculate Schmidt got the boot for good reason. What do you think?

In other somewhat-surprising news, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a leave of absence to focus on his health. He will still serve as CEO, but chief operating officer, Tim Cook, will be responsible for day-to-day operations. A report in Bloomberg Businessweek showed Apple stock was down 5 percent, pre-market trading the day after the announcement (Tuesday).

Time for a break for something beautiful:

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

The next post is technically from last week, but it’s so great, I had to share it with you. How spot-on is this author’s observation of five emotions invented by the Internet? I laughed through the whole post.

On a more annoying note, SEO gets another bad rap in mainstream media on the show, The Good Wife. Get this: A murder case, a guy on trial, a concern that his profession will count against him in the eyes of the jury. You see, he’s in SEO. You have to read SEO gets dissed by CBS TV series “The Good Wife,”over at Search Engine Land. We’re told the following is a portion of the script:

Lawyer 1:”It’s prejudicial”
Tall, Red Headed Client: “So you think the prosecution won’t try to admit it?”
Lawyer 1 “I know they will – but the judge will see your job as irrelevant to the crime”
Tall, Red Headed Client: “It’s just… people hate what I do”
Lawyer 1: “Spam”
Tall, Red Headed Client: (interrupts) “Search engine optimization”
Lawyer 2: “Don’t worry prosecution will be too busy….”

Maybe the writer had a bad experience with an SEO and this is revenge. Maybe the Black Hats are getting way too much attention over those that practice sound SEO. We need to fix the idea that SEO = Spam. It’s an industry-wide PR problem. Check out my post this week on SEO Ethics while you’re at it.

Orion Nebula - new image from Hubble & Spitzer

What post would be complete with out some sort of astronomy news? Some of you may have heard that Betelgeuse, a star in the constellation of Orion and also one of the brightest stars in the sky, is dying and, when it goes supernova, could give the earth two suns temporarily in or after 2012.

Discovery News hosted a rebuttal to the Betelgeuse post, stating that while Betelgeuse will explode someday, it’s at a safe enough distance to cause any concern to earthlings and that there’s no evidence 2012 is the year it could happen. The author speculated it was just one more way to cause panties to be bunched about 2012. Well, he didn’t actually say “panties to be bunched,” that was me.

Over at the Geek Feminism blog, the author reminds us that sometimes we know a lot more about tech than we think we do, and discusses competence, confidence, pernicious socialization, recursion, and tricking yourself. [Best line of the article: “I need to stop assuming that everyone else knows more about the tech than I do.” Fill in your field for “the tech” and make it your mantra for 2011. –Susan]

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  1. MicroSourcing writes:

    Well-rounded article, I got a bit of everything. The big guns of Internet giants are getting worn out, apparently. No wonder, since it’s such a cut-throat industry.

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