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June 27, 2008

Friday Recap: The Birthday Edition

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Huzzah, it’s Friday! And more importantly, it’s my Almost Birthday (tomorrow is the big day). Susan and Virginia have already spoiled me with bagels, coffee, balloons, lunch and a mystery present. Birthdays are delicious, aren’t they?

If you were wondering what to get me for my birthday, I want this. Actually, I’ll take two of them, please! And maybe a recording of today’s XKCD cartoon. [Boom de yada, boom de yada… sorry.]

Matt Cutts reviewed the Kitt-In Box and I just want to say I’m not buying his thumbs up. That must be a paid link because there’s no way Emmy voluntarily sat on that perch instead of on Matt’s face! Or am I the only one with psychotic cats who attached themselves to you and whatever you’re doing? I hate my cats.

Everyone’s passing around the Time Breakdown of Modern Web Design. I don’t want to look unoriginal by not posting it, so here it is again:

Andrew R H Girdwood writes that all it takes is a little bit of success for the trolls to come out and start slinging mud. It’s worth a read, if only to remind yourself that as hard as it may be to take the high road when people sling mud your way, it’s always the best course.

Have you read Kevin Ryan’s Yahoo’s Suicide Pact with Google yet? If not, you should. Is there anything hotter than a smart guy who can write really well? I don’t think so.

The Chicago Tribune showed us what a modern day romance looks like on Facebook.

In response to the mass Yahoo exodus, John Paczkowski points us to the Yahoo Resignation Letter Generator. It’s as awesome as you’d expect it to be.

The new fad in dieting is to use Twitter to shame yourself into not eating. Sounds great. I may actually try this.

Brian B. Carter wrote 10 Things My Wife and Twitter Have In Common, and after calling his wife a whale in the post, we hope he won’t soon find himself divorced! :)

SEORefugee wrote bloggers an open letter asking them to back up their statements. Here’s my open letter to SEORefugee: Get off your high horse. I’m kidding! My Blogger Imposter Syndrome is making me unusually snarky. Friends still? Yeah?

Performancing doesn’t hate bloggers and offers up 5 events that the blogosphere actually influenced. Power to the people!

Liana Evans is talking about ethics over at Search Marketing Gurus, and I’d recommend you head over to give it a read. It kills me that we have to define different “ethics” for different types of Digital marketing. That’s like making different versions of the 10 Commandments to fit your mood and help justify that affair you just had. [I’d make a Henry VIII joke but that’s nerdy even for me.–Susan] [blinks] Yeah, I have no idea what that even means.

TechCrunch pointed out that Facebook’s Top Friends application mysteriously disappeared. Of course, they pointed it out after I spent 15 minutes scrolling up and down my profile all “wait – where is it? Did I miss it?” I’m smart.

Geeks are Sexy introduces us to some killer dust bunnies. Ew. Total goose bumps. shows you how to use a soda can or your iPhone to hack a parking gate. Does that really work?

And I guess congratulations are in order for Rebecca Kelley for finding a cheese and bacon baked potato in Canada completing a half Ironman. Well done, Becs. Way to make the rest of us look lazy. I walked up a flight of stairs to get to my office this morning. That’s almost the same, right?

Things I Learned From BoingBoing This Week:

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4 responses to “Friday Recap: The Birthday Edition”

  1. Dental Santa Clara writes:

    Belated happy birthday Lisa! Wish you all the best.! Have a very colorful life.

  2. cpons writes:

    Happy birthday from spain!!!!, Lisa

  3. Barry Schwartz writes:

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

  4. Ken Jones writes:

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow Lisa! Hope you have a great day and don’t wind up with too sore a head the day after ;-)

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