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July 2, 2010

Friday Recap: O Say, Things to See Edition

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Just a short recap today since we were planning our big announcement. Here are a few finds to keep you entertained while you’re sunning by the barbecue this lovely holiday weekend!

Serious stuff first. Bing announced its new crawler, bingbot, will replace msnbot come October. So don’t be alarmed when your server logs recognize a new agent in the field.

Social media marketers got an exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming Digg 4.0 from Brent Csutoras. Looks like suggested profiles, integration with Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, and big changes to the categories are on the horizon.

TIME released their lists of the best, most essential and most overrated blogs of 2010. It’s worth a review to make sure you’re catching all the essentials on the ‘net.

Twitter’s been up and down for weeks now, and Mr. Whale has had enough!

You know good content when it grabs you by the nose and just reeks of truth. The 34 Stages of Editorial Enlightenment did just that, causing all members of the BCI writers team to sound off on the last five stages experienced that day. Plus, I know writers aren’t the only ones the list fits. Self-doubt is an equal opportunity offender.

Susan’s mom shared what’s possibly the most addictive game yet, Entanglement. It can be played by yourself or with others, depending on who’s willing to give up their time to that entrancing wiggly line. Bruce thanks you for the drop in productivity, Mrs. Esparza! ;)

Here’s an astute observation you might enjoy from the daily online story tellers Story People:

Story People story on start ups

That was good for a chuckle. And so is this. Our practical jokers are second to none.

office hijinks

Happy 4th of July!

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3 responses to “Friday Recap: O Say, Things to See Edition”

  1. White Label SEO Reseller writes:

    Got scolded by my boss because of that game. And you know what, it was worth it. :)

  2. Man Ray writes:

    Ok, now you’re going to have to pay for my therapy bills. I’m already hooked and can’t stop playing.

  3. Mom writes:

    I told Susan NOT to try it ’cause it’s addictive! Got to admit, it’s a good marketing strategy…Let’s see, what else can I tell her NOT to do…….?

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