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August 7, 2009

Friday Recap: Travel the World Edition

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It’s Friday and that means it’s time to make weekend plans! What are you doing? Sometimes you just gotta get out and see the world. Only problem is how to manage that. If you’re this cat, you get your owner to be your transportation.

Speaking of traveling the world, next week is SES San Jose! If you’re going, make sure to catch up with the BC crew at our booth or at one of the awesome parties, either WebmasterRadio’s SearchBash on Tuesday or the IM Charity Party on Wednesday. This is the chance to bid goodbye to San Jose because next year, SES is moving to San Francisco! If you’re not going this year, you can feel like you’re there by following Virginia’s awesome liveblogging right here on the Bruce Clay blog.

This week was extra productive world-wide as Twitter suffered a DDOS attack, causing bored marketers to actually work for once. The attack affected Facebook, LiveJournal and Google, too, which is probably a sign of the apocalypse. Only MySpace managed to escape, which… may not actually be a good sign for the social network. Talk about not part of the cool kid crowd anymore. Getting left out of a club that includes LJ? Ouch.

Also this week, Bill Clinton got two journalists released from North Korea. I’m going to leave this news bullet just at that.

Are you broke like me? Got kids who need to be entertained until that blessed day when they go back to school? Then check out this cool post about free ways to entertain your family over the weekend. This isn’t your usual “community events and museums” post (though those both get a mention), it’s actually got useful advice too. Who knew Target sponsored free events?

It’s my birthday next week and I want to go to the Broadway Sing-Along next Friday in LA. Who’s coming with me? It’s free! [Happy birthday, Susan! May your year be filled with cupcakes and puppies! –Virginia]

Anyone know how much Microsoft paid to get Is it retire and buy an island money? Somehow I just see this all ending in tears.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

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One response to “Friday Recap: Travel the World Edition”

  1. Eve White writes:

    The pic is so cute!!!

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