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January 7, 2011

Friday Recap: Tweetastic Edition

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The first week of the New Year has come to an end. We hope everyone had a good start to 2011. This week’s Friday Recap is courtesy of news and goings on in my Twitter feed. So, let’s get to it!

You’ve all heard of the homeless man with the “golden voice” who went from begging for money to receiving job offers from Kraft, MSNBC and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers? This, all due to one little video that exploded online. Talk about the power of the Internet.

In other awesome news, get ready for the ultimate fusion of beer and technology. It’s the Kegputer. Need I say more?

The 4th Annual Mashable Awards Gala was held this week in Vegas and hosted by The Onion’s director of digital, Baratunde Thurston. It also had performances by Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. I’m feeling a little left out. At any rate, awards went to companies for best social media management tool, most creative social media campaign, best social media customer service and much more. Congrats to all the winners!

In more social media news, Facebook financials were revealed this week through a leaked document via Goldman Sachs. It shows the estimated 2010 revenue at $1.8 billion.

In an article this week on boosting in-house Digital marketing, I cited LinkedIn as one networking community to look out for in 2011. This post by the Social Media Examiner shares 5 ways to use LinkedIn groups to build influential connections. I’ve heard first-hand from an analyst here at BCI that this stuff works.

Friday Recap 1.7

OK, this next bit didn’t technically hit this week, but it was in my Twitter stream today courtesy of @ChrisReihe and it made me laugh (see tweet to the right).

Check out the amazing yet wordy reply to the question of what happens post-Return of the Jedi. [The best part is the very end. “And there are like 20 other books.” Because, you know, he got tired of summarizing. Also, Chewie dies. –Susan]

Search Engine Land reminds us that SMX West early bird rates expire tomorrow, January 8. The discounted price is $1,195. You should remember to use the code smx10bruceclay for further savings.

In other events, if you’re in Southern California or just want to plan a visit, the Social Media Club in San Diego announced the upcoming Social Media Masters Workshop in San Diego on February 11. It’s four sessions for less than $500 that tackle Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and finally, social media monitoring.

Our friend Virginia on the Raven blog talks about SEO’s own reputation mess and how to use reputation management to counter it. She references the BP oil spill and the updated Gap logo situation as some recent examples of where reputation management was crucial, and then gives tips for the SEM community.

2011 is all about CRO. So, when I ran across this helpful little post on 10 factors that affect conversion rates by KISSmetrics, I just had to share it. No. 1 on the list: Using CAPTCHAs. How annoying are those?
Friday Recap 1.7.2

OK, so I’ll give you a little back story. Susan edits document, finds sentence that epitomizes corporate speak. [By the way, there’s a new rule for all BCI employees. –Susan]

This turns into a suggestion on Twitter for a corporate rock band, which Susan and I decided several members of the BCI team will be involved in, even though they don’t know it yet. [We’re available for bar mitzvahs and corporate events. Book now!–Susan]

We throw around some names; I suggest we could also call it “Value Add and the Circle Backs” or “Brainchild Strategist.” Then, Michelle Lowery of Outspoken Media shares a magical tool with us, the Business Jargon Generator. Please study it to figure out what not to write or say. Ever.

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7 responses to “Friday Recap: Tweetastic Edition”

  1. Susan Esparza writes:

    Andy, I don’t know what you’re talking about. George Lucas was in that tragic accident in the early 90s and was unable to fulfill his vision of the Star Wars universe. All we have is the Expanded Universe and dreams of how excellent any prequels or Special Editions would have been.

  2. Jessica Lee writes:

    You tell ’em, Andy. ;)

  3. Andy @ FirstFound writes:

    Tsk. Everyone knows that after Return of the Jedi, George went back and made three terrible prequels.

  4. Jessica Lee writes:

    Hi, Brent! If we promise to brush up on DDR, will you come be a groupie?

  5. Brent Rangen writes:

    I don’t think I would pay to see the BCI rock band! However, if you did practice up on Dance Dance Revolution, well, that might be an entirely different story.

  6. Jessica Lee writes:

    Oh, you’re absolutely right. Silly me!

  7. Michelle Lowery writes:

    I think “Business Jargon Generator” is too on-the-nose. Let’s go with Digital Relational Enabler. ;-)

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