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April 24, 2009

Friday Recap: Twitter Overload Edition

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It’s that time again. Happy Friday! So every day I jot down links to the interesting stories I run across so that come Friday I can glue them all together and serve them up to you. As I sat down to write this week’s edition of the Friday Recap, there was an unfortunate common theme: there’s too much about Twitter!

Maybe Oprah’s debut on Twitter caused a media frenzy, but there’s been an abundance of coverage about the micromessaging service — and by Twitter standards, that’s A LOT. TechCrunch reported that, thanks to celebrities, Twitter users and page views jumped this month, including one million people who signed up after Oprah’s tweet heard ’round the world. [Not to mention thousands of #herebeforeOprah tweets. Which I was, so there. –Susan]

Twitter sent direct messages
Not only did I not send this DM, I don’t even
know what it means! P.S. Sorry Jim!

Not to freak everyone out, but I stumbled on a creepy Twitter bug yesterday. When I went to check my direct messages, there were private messages in both my inbox and sent box that didn’t belong to me! Just a heads up — those private messages may not be so private.

Despite the bugs, Twitter is now so big it’s actually spawning job opportunities. Pizza Hut is looking for a summer twintern to be the company’s — get this feat of semantic maneuvering — “social media journalist”. Points for this pizza company being proactive in its social media presence (unlike one notorious, game-namesaked pie joint). [I vote we declare “twintern” the most annoying “tword” yet. –Susan]

Turns out Twitter has an even greater potential for communication than previously thought. Doctors are working on a way to send messages on Twitter through electrodes monitoring brain activity. This technology could be used by people who are unable to speak. Twitter’s format is simpler and more manageable than other similar technologies that are currently used.

Twitter is, of course, a power tool of epic proportions. But it’s one that almost everyone knows about by now. At the Outspoken Media blog this week, Rhea Drysdale’s inaugural post demonstrated SEO tools that aren’t as high profile but are just as powerful. Plus, if you missed out on a beta invite to BuzzStream here on the Bruce Clay blog, there are more on hand at Outspoken Media. Get ready to get your tools on.

grilled cheese sandwich
Photo by brenbot via Creative Commons

Did you know April is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month? Apropos of nothing, I present you ten drool-worthy gooey, cheesy, toasty delights! If you ever want to sideline the Bruce Clay blog, stuff some brie and sourdough in my yammer.

San Francisco was host to ad:tech this week, and Bruce was there to give presentations during a couple SMX@ad:tech panels. His PowerPoint on SEO best practices is now available. This streamlined, to-the-point run down of search engine optimization focus areas could come in real handy.

The video of YouTube singing sensation Susan Boyle has garnered more than 100 million views in less than two weeks. The New York Times estimated that failing to show ads on the video accounted for a loss of $1.8 million dollars. I suppose Simon Cowell has that much in pocket lint, so maybe it’s not such a big loss after all.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • The epic battle of narwhal vs. unicorn: origins revealed. Dun dun dahhh!
  • It appears that a team of researchers have conjured up glowing puppy clones. The nifty red glow is emitted under ultraviolet light. [Speaking of puppies, oh my god, you guys, guess what? Like the Obama kidbits, I’m going to get a puppy! Happiest editor ever! –Susan]
  • Baby preaching sounds eerily similar to “wassuuup!” True facts.
  • There’s a new, cutting edge weapon in the war against terrorism: llama blood.
  • The solution to keeping kids awake during history class? Auto-tuning! Everything does indeed sound better.
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