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February 27, 2009

Friday Recap: Under the Sea Edition

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We’ve made it back around to Friday again! Time to unwind from your stressful work week. How about a moment of Zen to put you into weekend mode?

Flying from Sam Fuller on Vimeo.

Now that your blood pressure is down to healthy levels, let’s see if I can’t get you a little excited, shall we?

Ryanair via The Daily What

Image found on The Daily What

Last week’s TOS gaffe by Facebook saw a move toward resolution as the social network opened its terms to user input. You can find liveblog coverage of Facebook’s privacy-themed press conference on CNET.

Discount airline Ryanair flummoxed the Internet community with its employees’ defensive posturing and attacks on bloggers. Not content with that bad press, the airline’s CEO announced that the company may begin charging passengers to use on-board toilets. [Pretty sure they later said that one was just someone blowing off steam. –Susan]

Also riling up the blogosphere, streaming music site had harsh words for Techcrunch after the tech blog reported was the source of the new U2 album leak. Andy Beal helped us take a lesson away from the madness by pointing out how to host a conversation when under attack.

I guess none of those companies prescribe to my personal method of problem solving. Get grandma to hit ’em over the head with a sauce pan! Does the trick every time.

This week the big news in the search industry was Google’s latest major update. Uncovered by SEO Book’s Aaron Wall, it appears that big brands are getting a boost in rankings. You can find more of that conversation on Sphinn. On the Outspoken Media blog, Lisa Barone broadens the brand conversation with a great interview of branding master ShoeMoney. joined the big three search engines by recognizing the canonical tag. Marketing Pilgrim reported that Microsoft is still hopeful that in the near future we’ll be looking at two big search engines once a merger with Yahoo‘s search business goes through. Yahoo has been mum about any such deal, but on the paid search front, the search engine is lower bids.

Bringing up a paid search principle that isn’t often discussed, Search Engine Land columnist Josh Dreller reminds us of the point of diminishing returns. Also this week, researchers shared findings that paid search ads may not be getting as many clicks as we thought. On Web Marketing Today, search marketer Kate Morris talks to Ralph Wilson about how to track PPC conversions in a brief video interview. And according to Danny Sullivan, Yahoo and Google have been gradually restricting advertisers’ rights. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Google said sorry for Gmail outages, and executive director of the search giant’s philanthropic branch stepped down as the dot-org prepares for a shift. The search engine may also be getting a little to pushy with its search suggestions. [I can’t wait for my similar apology from Time Warner for its terrible service recently. And my reduced bill as a result.–Susan]

In browser news, Apple released Safari 4 in beta. According to Teifion Jordan’s, the upgrade is not much different than previous versions. What few changes he did see seem to be borrowed from Opera.

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek Badges

Where my SOSGs at?

I usually find lists of the “most valuable blogs” to be unoriginal, but 24/7 Wall St.’s Twenty Five Most Valuable Blogs was spot on. Also worth your while, David Harry, aka the Gypsy, announced that he was launching the SEO Geeks Newsletter next Monday.

Moving on to the social realm, Greg Finn of 10e20 spelled out why your social news linkbait could be missing the mark. Tim Nash at Collective Thoughts describes the anatomy of an irresistible tweet. Similarly, Guy Kawasaki gave some solid advice about how to get retweeted. It all goes back to attracting and influencing people on Twitter, so here’s the “ultimate Twitter resource“. Just remember to use your power for good. We don’t want people thinking that marketing is evil.

Tim Ferris doled out helpful tips for how to use Twitter without Twitter owning you. MarketingProfs warned businesses of the dark side of Twitter. That didn’t stop Google from hopping on board the Twitter train. Breaking new barriers of acceptance, a federal judge has approved a media request, allowing reporters to live microblog a federal trial.

Jennifer Slegg has posited ways that Twitter may be able to monetize. For instance, Twitter could offer advanced statistics to premium users. Google Analytics and Omniture seem to be on the same page as both analytics platforms will be integrating Twitter search data into reports.

One fanatic user has a brand new tattoo of the fail whale on his arm after promising to do so if his buddy reached 3,000 followers. While I don’t quite agree with this psychologist, the tattoo would be another weird sign that people are forming their identity around the microblogging platform. I can however give props to one journalism student who hopes to work her social network for tuition. I just hope she knows how different the media is today. (Save newspapers! Get an iPhone!) Over at Copyblogger, Sonia Simone reminded us that cliques can be as damaging online as they can be offline.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • I can imagine this wily octopus laughing at us through the tank.
  • Magnets in slo-mo! Click through to the video at 1200 frames per second for a real trip.
  • If you work in technology, watch out for a geek stampede. The holy grail of comic books is hitting the auction block. [Do want! –Susan]
  • There’s a new bouncing fish on the scene and it’s called a psychedelica. How fitting is that?
  • Ever wanted to be able to read minds? I bet transparent heads are the way to go.
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One response to “Friday Recap: Under the Sea Edition”

  1. Dave writes:

    Thanks for the luvin V – appreciated as always.

    Great round up as always, I don’t know how U manage it. I tried doing weekly link round-ups and it was just too darned tough to maintain. Kudos for that!!

    I hope U have a great weekend… speak soon

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