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January 29, 2010

Friday Recap: Wolf Moon Edition

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Oh happy, glorious, liberating Friday. We’re so glad you’ve come back! What’s in store for the recap today? Truth be told, I don’t even know. We must read on to find out!

full moon over city

The biggest, brightest full moon of the year happens tonight. Tonight’s full moon also happens to be the first of the year, an event known as the wolf moon. If you’ve got clear skies, celebrate by snatching your three wolf moon shirt from the closet and check out this celestial beauty.

Before voting closes tonight, take a minute to vote for your favorite finalists of the SEMMY Awards. The SEMMYS honors the best Digital marketing blog posts of the year as chosen by the community. Congrats to all the finalists on this distinction! If you’re not really one to pick favorites, you’ll still enjoy the SEMMYS for pulling together and categorizing a ton of incredible posts from the last year.

Inc., publishers of the annual Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., is predicting the best performing and worst performing industries for the decade ahead. Several tech industries, including search engines and VoIP providers, made the top of the list, while many manufacturing industries were found in the bottom.

Survey results are in! What did the participants of a poll say about the role of blogging in overall marketing goals? Check out TopRank Blog’s analysis of the report. What? You don’t want me to spoil the ending, do you?

Now I never thought I’d say this, but there is such a thing as too much bacon. For instance, here we see bacon to the crazy degree:

[10:26:15 AM] BCI-Susan Esparza:
[10:26:20 AM] BCI-Susan Esparza: Creepy

domino's pizza

This one’s probably had marketers scratching their heads ever since those counterintuitive commercials started rolling out. The pizza chain Domino’s is in the middle of an image re-vamp campaign where they admit to passing off cardboard for pizza all these years. Risky move, but could it work? Domino’s CMO shares his insight into the campaign in a revealing interview. Smart move or suicide — what do you think? [My roommate is unhappy. She actually liked the old recipe. …she’s very odd. –Susan]

Next week in Spokane, Washington, the first Local University event will be held. The half-day workshop will teach area businesses about locally focused Digital marketing. I didn’t hear about this event in time to include it in our SEO Newsletter’s Shindigs this month, so spread the word to your friends in Washington state!

Pope Benedict XVI has been involved in social media in the five years since he became pope and he’s now encouraging priests to blog, be active on Facebook, and publish YouTube videos. The pope understands marketing and is, like, hip. Color me impressed.

Social-media-interested Businesses, individuals and priests will all appreciate these tips for how to write better tweets and how to better engage Facebook fan page fans. Don’t forget to check your Facebook privacy settings while you’re at it!

Google Earth was updated with a GeoEye layer that provides high-resolution satellite images.

[1:55:17 PM] BCI-Paula Allen: Google set up a GeoEye Featured Imagery layer in Google Earth for satellite photos
[1:56:30 PM] BCI-Paula Allen: Internal images, too (my nightmare scenario is coming closer!) On a somewhat related note, Google is also now mapping interiors of places. Before you get too worked up, don’t worry, they’re not coming into your house), but they do have imagery up from within the San Diego Zoo
[1:57:14 PM] BCI-Paula Allen: I want to trademark a new term: “Google potato”

Brilliant idea! Both clever and original! Unlike China’s newest search engine, Goojje. Google’s sister? More like Google’s identity stealing clone.

Apple finally announced its touchscreen tablet, the iPad, this week. I wrote about the Apple hype machine yesterday, and by now you’ve probably read all there is to know about the device. But I can’t in good conscience write an end-of-week recap without mentioning the iPad, so here:

[1:52:45 PM] BCI-Virginia Nussey:
[1:52:54 PM] BCI-Virginia Nussey: how do you multi task with a stone?
[1:53:01 PM] BCI-Virginia Nussey: you can bash people in the head with it?
[1:53:05 PM] BCI-Virginia Nussey: you can do that with the ipad too!

Other acceptable answers the writers discussed: lap warmer, lap desk and something you can simultaneously read and write on. Who says the iPad can’t multi task? [It can be a paperweight too. Which is probably the best use for it. –Susan]

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • Who says New Yorkers are cold and isolated? They’ll willingly carry a stranger on their back!
  • I’ve never felt sympathy for a robot before… Keep your spirits high, little Spirit!
  • You know those gorgeous, iridescent blue butterflies? Turns out they’re quite the deceivers.
  • Forget jet-setting in a giant suite. I’d much rather get a ticket in cuddle class!
  • The world’s largest island on a lake, on an island, on a lake, on an island…
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