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April 9, 2010

Friday Recap: Yetis, Zombie Cats and Reptile Love Edition

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Looking at my collection of links for the week, that post title just kinda came to me. Sounds like fun in store, no? Okay, so the yeti. An Oriental Yeti, to be precise. The mysterious, hairless creature will be undergoing DNA testing to determine what breed of cat-bear-kangaroo it is. There is some concern in the cryptozoology world, however, as evidenced by the writers’ chatter:

[2:42:43 PM] BCI-Susan Esparza: Best caption ever
[2:43:04 PM] BCI-Paula Allen: “real yeti research”
[2:43:30 PM] BCI-Susan Esparza: Yeti research is serious business!
[2:43:38 PM] BCI-Paula Allen: Not to be discredited!

Also not to be discredited, Google announced today that site speed is officially a signal in their search ranking algorithm. The anticipated change came after all Google signs had been pointing to go-go-speedracer for some time.

another standing cat

Blendtec took an exciting new step in its mission to chew up the world in their state-of-the-art blenders. And no surprise, the iPad will indeed blend. While the video made quickly made its rounds this week, it’s got nothing on the true viral star of the video world: standing cat. Boing Boing gives us some background on the bipedal feline, but there’s one thing they didn’t uncover, and that’s standing cat’s true goal in getting off all fours — the desire to be a zombie!

Or maybe it’s us that want to be among the undead. Exhibit A: counting down ’til the unleashing of the obesity monster. Exhibit B: Giving our newborns four servings a day of bacon. And exhibit C: importing our own Dracula haven into the U.S., albeit unsuccessfully.

Here’s an interesting notion. Finland is experimenting with ceasing the delivery of snail mail and will instead scan and digitally deliver mail to its intended recipient. The move is meant to reduce CO2 emissions as well as the number of postal workers. What do you think? A feasible alternative?

You may have caught on by now that I like turtles and tortoises. I get giddy when I sense fellow lovers in my midst, but Georgia the alligator takes the cake. Georgia’s best friend is Myrtle the turtle. They like to sun bathe and go cruising together. Awww! <3 On the other hand, sometimes you keep cruising even when the relationship isn't quite so copacetic. To illustrate the point, observe the eight emotional stages of an SEO contract in all its glory. See, you’re not alone!

If you’ve experienced that rollercoaster of emotions before, you might be an SEO. And if you are, you might want to consider checking out SMX Advanced in Seattle this June. Speaker submissions are now being accepted for this show. If you’ve got juicy SEO knowledge you’re willing to share, please don’t be shy. Not sure if you fit the bill? Here’s an example of some thought-provoking SEO research that would certainly pass muster at the conference: 5 things that stop anchor text being passed.

Another great conference that is quickly approaching is the Search & Social Spring Summit. The conference organizers have been running a number of entertaining contests in the past weeks, and four of five winners have been announced. Be sure to check out the winning entries for the video contest, story contest and SEOtini contest, and while you’re at, why not enter to win the VIP grand prize? Good luck!

In other contest news, it’s not too late to enter Bing’s Earth Day student photo contest or to vote for your favorite finalist in Google’s Model Your Town competition. Students can submit their Earth Day photos to the contest through Sunday. Voting on stunning 3D models of towns, made with Google SketchUp and Google Building Maker, will be open through May 1.

Flash blue lego on iPhone

Though there’s one fierce competition that doesn’t look close to a resolution any time soon. Adobe’s Platform Evangelist Lee Brimelow blasted Apple in his blog today, swinging the latest blow in the Apple-Adobe feud. Brimelow was responding to Apple changing the licensing language for its iPhone SDK so that developers can’t submit programs to Apple that use cross-platform compilers — like Adobe’s. If that didn’t make sense, get the skinny from the experts at PCWorld. Can you guys kiss and make up already? I’d like to get rid of the blue legos on my iPhone sometime in my lifetime.

If you’re looking to save some dough, it turns out there’s a legal way to (practically) print money. Most of the cost of printing comes down to the ink, so by changing the font in the documents you print, you could ease up on the amount of ink used. The most ink-light fonts are Times New Roman and Century Gothic. Before you think the changeover is an easy choice, this one’s actually a double-edged sword. You may be saving on ink with those fonts, but you’ll be using more paper. The best solution is still not to print at all.

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One response to “Friday Recap: Yetis, Zombie Cats and Reptile Love Edition”

  1. Andy FirstFound writes:

    Bacon flavoured baby formula? Really? That exists?

    I’ve not read much Nostradamus, but that’s got to be a sign of the pending apocalypse.

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