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September 25, 2009

Friday Recap: Zombie Groove Edition

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We’ve made it back to everyone’s favorite work day of the week! Or is that Monday? I can never remember.

So this week we were introduced to one of the coolest SEO videos ever. Are you in SEO? In marketing? Run a business? You gotta see this!

The SEO Song is a brilliant illustration of what proper search engine optimization can do for a business. The message is upbeat, fun, and on the nose: Turn your dead business into a party. Get your SEO on!

My friends at Leicestershire-based Creare Group created the song and video as a catchy way to spread the word that an optimized Web site is one of the best steps a business can take to gain visibility and interest in their products or services. Even better, not only can this video make you wiser, it will get you grooving, too. :)

The new Yahoo! Search was launched this week, along with an advertising campaign driven by the phrase Y!ou and Yahoo! The new search product features faster load speeds, more “intelligent” search results, and an improved display for image and video results. Why, don’t you clean up nice, Yahoo!

Today Google announced enhanced SERP snippets that include links to specific sections on a page. Earlier this week the company also clarified that the Meta Keywords tag doesn’t affect search engine rankings. A new keyword research tool was also revealed within the Google AdWords console.

But Google’s biggest story of the week was the launching of Sidewiki, an application that lets people comment on Web pages. It came in handy during this week’s brand scandal, Brands in Public. You’ll notice that on Seth Godin’s comments-closed post, Danny Sullivan is able to respond thanks to Sidewiki.

Twitter blocked account

But the big props for outing the story go to Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media, whose brandjacking message resonated with an outspoken audience and helped spark a reevaluation of the Brands in Public opt-out system. [Have we mentioned that we love her? –Susan]

A wave of public support in the SEO industry was also a catalyst for reinstating popular Internet marketer Rishil Lakhani to the Twittersphere. Some connect-the-dots has revealed that Rishil may have been banned for including a link to a known spam site in a tweet. One Twitter user was banned after retweeting Rishil’s tweet. Support is being garnered to rescue him from Twitter limbo as well.

Bruce was a guest on SEO Rockstars this week, talking about solving the SEO challenge of content management systems, along with Pixelsilk‘s Mark Knowles and host Daron Babin. With the SEO-friendly CMS Pixelsilk’s recent integration of SEOToolSet recommendations, you’ve got the control and smarts to SEO any Web page.

Usability expert Craig Tomlin thinks that zombies make great usability consultants. If you’re focused, hungry for people and not a quitter, you may be on your way to being a usability consultant. Or a zombie. Either way.

A monster list of search marketing resources has been compiled, including categories for blogs, aggregators, testing tools, forums, subscription communities, webinars, white papers and reports, newsletters, conferences, books, podcasts and training. Though if SEO training is what you’re after, take a good hard look at Bruce Clay’s training course, coming to SMX East, Italy, Australia and Long Island throughout October.

Things I learned from Boing Boing this week:

  • A lamp that runs on blood may just help drive home the point that energy is a precious resource.
  • You know those parking poles you end up cursing after denting your car. They serve a higher purpose after all. A much higher purpose.
  • Sydney, Australia, has been suffocated by a giant red dust cloud all week.
  • One man’s lame is another man’s cool. Specifically: my lame, Susan’s cool. Squishy bowls? Really? [I totally want a set of the squishy bowls. My Squishables totally need squishy bowls. (Try reading it out loud.) –Susan] I knew Susan would come to the rescue of this Boing Boing link! And consequently, the end of this post! Have a great weekend!
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