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May 20, 2010

Guest Post Week Coming to the BCI Blog

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You are receiving this blog post from the future!

Okay, not really, but it just went live and I’m nowhere near BCI headquarters in sunny Simi Valley. Right about now I’ve probably made it to my hotel in the Big Apple after my red eye flight and am taking a quick catnap before my week-long family vacation extravaganza explodes into a storyline befitting the Griswolds.

While I’m gone, I expect an adventure — not only for myself but also for the important things being left in capable hands. For instance, Hiccups is going to have a nice stay with Grandma, who will no doubt give her all the cactus paddles and dandelion greens her heart desires. And the blog? Well, the blog is more than happy to be keeping company with some of the loveliest ladies in search and social.

On Monday, Kaila Strong of Vertical Measures will be gracing the blog to explain a process for creating a focused social media strategy that won’t spread you too thin.

I like to think that Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media still misses us, and she’s humoring me by stopping by the BCI blog next Tuesday. Her post is a personal branding how-to that will help you avoid some potential employment landmines.

On Wednesday, Tracy Falke of Freestyle Interactive takes a turn to discuss social media applications for business, including getting over fears of letting your SMM grow up. She pulls all the pieces of organizational (or should I say organisational for Tracy and my UK friends) SMM together in a way the C-suite and IT department can relate.

And then Thursday, Annie Cushing of Pied Piper Interactive spills a search trick that gets to the bottom of page age. Domain age you’ve probably heard of, but her page age acrobatics are new to me!

Stop by this blog all next week for great posts by great bloggers who you may or may not be familiar with, but should be! Oh, and be here tomorrow for the Friday Recap, of course! Special Susan Edition! The next week promises to be one of entertaining education that you won’t want to miss.

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4 responses to “Guest Post Week Coming to the BCI Blog”

  1. Tracy Falke writes:

    Thanks Kaila! Loved your article. I was excited to read the line-up as well.

    I look forward to meeting you!

  2. White Label SEO writes:

    Go Lisa! I love the article you’ve written about facebook and privacy. I’m ecstatic to see more of your gutsy work here. (In my excitement I posted on a wrong blog with this)

  3. Lisa Barone writes:


  4. Kaila @VerticalMeasure writes:

    Wow, an all female lineup next week. So glad to be in the presence of greatness with Lisa, Tracy, and Annie guest blogging too. Thanks for the opportunity, looking forward to reading the other guest blog posts. :)

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