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October 31, 2006

Halloween Engine Roundup

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I’m a bit high strung jumpy by nature, so Halloween has never been my favorite holiday; however, it always fun to see what the engines have worked up and what great lengths people will go to humiliate themselves.

I know I’m biased, but I think once again takes the cake for the best holiday celebration. The homepage has been turned black and features lit jack-o-lanterns for that extra special touch. Highlighting their features, they also provide a link under the search box with rotating questions that all lead to Ask’s various Halloween Smart Answers. Well played, guys, well played.

Over at Google, is a mummified version of the Google logo, with a skeletal hand forming the needed letter “E”.

Google Halloween Logo

Clicking on the logo brings you to Google’s search engine results page for the term “Halloween”. Nice.

Yahoo! also played with their logo today, giving it the necessarily creepy touch.

Yahoo Halloween Logo

Clicking on the logo brings you to Yahoo!’s Halloween 2006 page, which is chock full of scary myths and traditions, candy picks, scary movies, scary photos and scary stuff found on Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Shopping. I was very happy to see Yahoo! highlighting a mix of their properties. Very nice.

Microsoft is again too cool to play along ,and the homepage is looking mighty boring today. For shame, guys.

The engines aren’t the only one who got into the spirit of the day. Search Engine Roundtable and the Cre8asite Forums are both showing holiday logos, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the Bruce Clay search engine optimized-pumpkins (and their kitty friends) we’ve been running all month.

While Loren Baker rounded up some the Top 13 Halloween sites, the truth is, if you’re looking for some real Halloween fun, the place to be is at the Bruce Clay, Inc, headquarters. Folks around here are dressed up to the nines (even our Bruce!) and everyone’s having a great time. (I’ll sneak you guys a group picture later, just don’t tell anyone.) [We’ll have a costume contest among the blog readers. You can email Lisa with your vote.–Susan]

Happy Halloween! :)

UPDATE:: We’ll get you that group shot ASAP (trust me, it’s worth waiting for), but here are some individual shots of selected Bruce Clay members we managed to scrounge up. Enjoy!

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